Step 1 Dont surrender to your shame

Remember, you are deeply ashamed to be displaying any sort of need for affection -- that's why meeting women is so difficult for you. But recall how I said that the only way to get beyond your shame is to go straight through it? You've been trying to zig-zag your way around it for your entire miserable life and look where it's gotten you. Nowhere. Now do it my way!

Make sure to use your NLP anchor to help get yourself into the proper frame of mind. Snap the rubber band you keep hidden behind your wristwatch a few times to get all those powerful and upbeat emotions flowing through your brain. This will act like novocaine for your shame ( hey, I like that!...). Whatever you do, don't just passively give in to your shame and the terrible fear that it creates -- stay resolved to fight it whatever way you can. Use every dirty psychological trick you can dig up to reduce the volume of all your negative self-talk. Replace it with upbeat, courageous notions of yourself wherever possible. There is no "cheating" by using positive replacement therapy... that's just your screwed-up Disabled Will giving you grief. Fuck it!

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