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Always calibrate your energy when you approach a girl. Your energy should be 15-20% higher then hers or her groups is. Being higher energy makes you look more dominant, making it harder for them to ignore you. Never be lower energy than they are in first 2 minutes or they will blow you off like there is no tomorrow. Low energy approaches suck the life out of a girl and make her want to get away from you and back to where it is fun.

No one wants to be around people with low energy who suck energy out of them. Especially girls. They are used to receiving all the energy in their

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O t t interactions and being passive in the pre-sex phases. Make sure you are at least 20% higher than the group to hold their attention.

Having high energy not only captures attention also creates some attraction. This is because it conveys that the person is positive and confident but also because it subtly conveys that the person may be good in bed. Good lovers aren't slow, dull and boring.

Of course you can't stay high energy forever. After you get their attention and create some attraction you can lower your energy and go for rapport. If you have problem with controlling your energy, I strongly suggest you learn to play a sport or study martial arts or yoga to learn how to control energy. Try different things in the beginning. Approach very high energy, then try it lower, just above theirs, and see where you get the best reactions. It is different depending on your personality but in general if you cannot raise and control your energy, you will have lot of problems controlling your interactions and conveying the personality traits that will trigger attraction.

I notice that a lot of guys have the same, flat energy levels no matter what emotional state they are in; happy, angry, sad, excited, etc. Regardless of what they are feeling, they have the same flat tone, pitch, movements, speed, etc. That's not good. You must learn to be more expressive and to use your body to communicate ideas and emotions. Get comfortable in your body and in expressing things. Start playing sports, doing martial arts, yoga, take a voice or acting class. If you don't know how to control your own emotions and reactions, how are you going to be able to control the emotions of people around you?

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Martial Arts An Introduction

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