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As soon as you have made love with a girl, you can consider that as the moment the relationship starts. It's the biggest shift in momentum in the interaction since you first met and you need to decide whether you want to keep her around or not.

If you decide that you want to keep her for a longer period of time after you've slept with her - say weeks or months -- then the first month is critical. The foundations of the relationship are going to be created within the very first month. Be mindful of what you do and how you behave towards her in that time.

You see, women are programmed by default to have monogamous relationships. You can do two things about this: accept it and go along with it, or create new rules and reprogram the girl to follow them. Now if you really like her, and want to stay in a monogamous relationship with her, it's basically very easy. Just see her a few times a week, and have sex with her regularly. If you want to keep her, you will need to give her sex regularly. That means, at least 2-3 times per week. If you are new to the game or really young I suggest you experience a few monogamous long term relationships like this, perhaps for 3-5 months. You will learn a lot about women.

But be careful if they start to go beyond 5 months. We are programmed by nature to fall in love for a reason; so that we stay with a girl long enough that children can be raised. But that's not a good thing if you want to be a really good seducer. You have to be careful when your relationship starts going beyond 5 months, that you aren't becoming emotionally enslaved by the girl. Just pay attention, to who sets the rules in the relationship.

If you want to establish a relationship with two or more girls, the first consideration is your time. Trust me, it's time-consuming. Seeing every girl twice a week, and giving her 5-6 hours per meeting, your free time is going to entirely disappear!! Anyway, if you decide you want this, begin your relationship with the first girl so that you prepare the territory for the other girls that you will add into your life. That means establishing rules and boundaries in the relationship. For example; how much you are going to see each other. If you see her every day, when will you have time for the others? Now it's important that you don't discuss your rules verbally, because then she will argue. Let her realize the rules by your behavior.

After you've slept together, don't see her too often. Every day is way too often, because once she gets used to seeing you everyday you will have problems cutting it back to a few times per week. No matter how much you like her, or love her, don't do it if you plan to have other girls in your life or you want to live a normal life with time for yourself. Set up your life, so that you see her 1-2 times a week. That way you can have time for other girls. You can do this just by being busy. You don't need to explain to them why you can't see them, just be busy. For example, the girl asks, "When will we see each other?", then just say...Saturday afternoon, or Sunday, whenever you wish. Of course, you must give her some time in the week because if you don't give her sex, somebody else will. But don't think she is going to decide by herself how much you want to see her per week.

If you don't take control of the relationship, she is going to do it, because somebody must. If you don't want to take the ball and serve, somebody else will. And if you allow the woman to control your relationship, then she will do it the way she has been programmed by society and nature. And this programming is powerful! So for example, she is going to control you by giving or withholding sex, she is going to forbid you from seeing other girls, she is going to give you powerful emotional outbursts like jealousy to rob you of energy for doing anything outside the relationship, and other smart ideas they usually use to control guys. Once you establish a relationship with one woman and have some time to add a few more, you just need to find a girl you like and invite her into your life by giving her sex regularly.

Once she suspects that you maybe do have other girls in your life besides her, you have a choice; to be honest about your lifestyle, or to hide it. These are two completely different styles. I prefer being honest, but I've also experimented with being dishonest which is actually more work.

You will lose some girls until you learn how to play it right. It takes some time. Don't let it make you frustrated, because time is necessary to learn how to control a harem. If you choose to hide it, then that game is really easy; deny everything and keep your place clean. They have the instinct of marking their territory, by leaving their hair, panties, earrings, and other things, to signify that you are taken. Again, they act according to animal instincts. So always try to keep your place clean, otherwise you are in deep trouble when one of them finds earrings or other things in your bed that don't belong to her.

If you choose the other path, and admit openly that you have been sleeping with other girls, then you must be aware that lot of girls will not accept it. But at least you won't have to keep cleaning your place all the time! They will not accept it, if they think you are not worth it. But if you give them the best sex on the planet, and they are sure they cannot find better, and they love you, of course they will choose to stay with you no matter what. If you go for it, you must be really strong and your attitude must be that you are calling the shots.

If you do it strongly, they will accept it, because they know that's the way you are, and they cannot change you. So they are forced to accept it. If you hesitate, or you are insecure, no way will it work.

This way is really good if you have a good lifestyle. A lifestyle that they want to be part of. An excellent lifestyle is the foundation for long-term, crazy success in this game.

I found for myself that being honest about my life and my decisions works the best.

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