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A really important and powerful principle in seduction that I love to use is the Go First Principle. It comes from the hypnosis field. Basically, it says that easiest way to push somebody into some specific emotional state is to go into that state yourself and then other person will pick up on it and unconsciously follow you.

We see it all the time in daily life. When we hang around people we begin to share their emotions. That's why people like to be around fun lively people and stay away from depressed boring ones. Emotions can be contagious and we want to feel positive feelings. We can use this to our advantage. In general the Go First Principle happens on one condition. That your emotion is stronger than the other person's. The stronger emotion always wins.

Example: Imagine a guy comes home and sees his whole family crying. Somebody died in their family. No matter what his emotional state is at that moment, he's immediately going to pick it up and start feeling sad.

Another example: You are kind of depressed about something. You go to visit your friend and as you open the door he starts hugging you and jumping up and down. He won the lottery. You don't even know why but somehow, you start jumping with him and give him high-fives. You can't help but to feel joy.

Situation three as it applies to seduction: A guy goes on a first date with beautiful young girl. They sit next to each other. He feels really nervous and awkward because she is so beautiful. How does she feel after 5 minutes around him? Nervous and awkward also. She doesn't know why but she simply feels nervous around him. So she goes to bathroom and goes home.

In order to prevent this kind of situation you must learn to control your emotions. And trust me, if you cannot control yourself and your emotions there is no way you'll be able to control anybody around you. Whenever you approach a girl, she is going to be little bit scared, so it's your job to make her feel relaxed. How to do it? You must be relaxed, FIRST. People around you will feel more relaxed if you are relaxed.

Last situation: A guy goes on a first date with beautiful young girl. He is relaxed and calm. She feels calm and relaxed and thinks to herself that it feels like they've known each other for a while. His body language is comfortable and laid back. He smiles and cracks jokes. She does the same. He leads the conversation to intimate topics about their feelings and dreams. By him sharing first, she feels comfortable doing the same. He takes her hand and kisses her. She eagerly responds.

By confidently going first and leading the interaction into relaxation, comfort, intimacy and sexuality, we make it easy for her to follow us there. Choose the emotional path you want the interaction to follow and move in that direction.

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