Fast dance to slow dance

You've seen them before - a guy and a girl on the dance-floor, ignoring all the other people diligently wiggling to the fast pace of the music and having a slow dance of their own, touching, kissing. A newly married couple on their honey-moon? Hehe, think again

Maniac High describes a dance-floor PU technique of turning a fast dance to a slow dance, and a slow dance to a oh darn, he had to leave before he could find out Anyway, here's the step by step description. Maniac High, ASF:

The PU was done with virtually no talking at all. The setting was a disco playing regular fast paced disco dance music.

The guy and the girl make eye contact, and start dancing facing each other. He mirrors her dance moves, making eye contact. This happens for about 2 or 3 minutes.

He puts his arm on her side, to her back, lightly, and is dancing, still following her pace. He puts the other arm on her other side to her back, but he does not pull her in.

Now he slowly runs both hands up her body, to her armpits, and then up her arms (he raises her arms up in the air).

Then when he reaches the tops of her hands, which are stretched out in the air, he (slowly), runs his hands down her body. His hands slowly slide down till they reach her ass. He doesn't grope it directly, but just they are above the top of her buttcheeks. The whole thing above (hands up to her hands, down to ass, is slow, takes about 1 or 2 minutes to travel the whole distance.

Also, now, he has slowed down his dancing, and is not really following the music anymore, and she has slowed down too, (he slowed her down by mirroring her pace, and then slowing down as his hands were running up or down). (3 minutes)

While his hands are on her ass, he moves his head in, and breathes softly on her neck. He does not try to kiss her.

His hands move up or down her back slowly, while his head moves around her neck or side of neck, him breathing slowly, closely. The chicks eyes start to close. She is going into trance. (3 minutes)

He moves his head and hands down her body, (still facing her), he like crouches down, slowly, as his hands travel down to her legs, then slowly moves up again, to her ass, and he is standing again, and is breathing on her neck or back again. (3 minutes)

He now repeats the hand up or down things above from the top of this list, and the breathing a couple times. Each time he pulls her in closer. She is going way into trance now. (4 minutes)

The last time he does the up or down hands thing, he raises his hands up to her hands in the air, and lets go, but leaving his hands up. This is her cue to now do the same thing to him, and she does.

She runs her hands up or down his body slowly now, like he did to her before a few times. She clearly likes this, a smile is on her face

He turns her around (so her back faces his chest), and he does the same things again with the hands, this time from behind. she gets confused, when he tries to turn her, so he just tells her to turn around, she loses trance state He does NOT go for her tits or cunt, etc.nothing overtly sexual. She is back in trance again. (3 minutes)

He turns her around again, so they are facing each other, and he is breathing on her neck or face. Now she is mirroring him and doing the same thing, breathing on his face or neck.

This goes on a long time.he makes her wait for the kiss, and she is goes more into trance, she is just hanging on to him now.he does not rush things at all. (3 minutes)

He starts breathing more on her cheeks, face, but does not kiss there He continues until she is doing the same (2 minutes).

She is doing the same now, and their lips are breathing on each others face. This continues for what I thought is a really long time before the kiss starts (4 minutes)

Finally, they slowly move closer lips together from each others lips. The lips lock, they kiss, and keep kissing The kissing goes on for a really long time (15 -20 minutes)

Around then I leave with my chick, and don't see the rest of it (I suspect he just took her home (wink) ) Maniac's analysis. There was no talking during the whole PU (expect where he makes her turn around), just the way he touched her got her going. Firstly, he did NOT rush things. Also, it was obvious to see her states changing when he was doing the Kino. He did not advance until her state was ready. This was obvious from looking at her (her eyes closing, her 'hanging' on him, her following his dance pace, and NOT the music when he slowed down.). He made sure this happened before going to the next step. She was also helping him by following his 'body rapport'. Some chicks will or won't in my experience. Also, he did nothing overtly groping or sexual, ie. He didn't kiss her neck or ears before the first kiss (not sure if this is good or bad yet.I think best to wait until she accepts you by the real kiss first, then move to those other parts)

(There's a choice to be made here - if a possibility of slight resistance can be expected, an initial neck or ear kiss is useful in slowly breaking down that resistance. If however not much resistance can be foreseen, abstaining from any kissing can really build up anticipation and pressure, so once the kiss finally takes place, it'll truely be a ride through the seven gates of heaven)

Didn't grab her ass in a groping way until the kiss or touch tits.etc. It was all very smooth and passionate looking until the kiss, without sexual groping or kissing neck or ears. That is good, because it didn't scare her.

He also took his time.the whole kino session was like 30 minutes from start to end. He was going REAL SLOW, even his dance pace didn't follow the music.very SLOW MOTION movements, as the chick dephased from the music rhythm, to his. He was very conscious too what he was doing, eyes open, looking like an engineer as he worked the chick into trance.He'd close them though when she could see his face. It was clear he had done this before and was following the cookbook.

He also made her wait for the kiss a bit, longer than I expected. It was good, he kept on touching her, or breathing really close to her, and that probably made her even more horny, making sure there would be no kiss rejection.

There you have it, from never-met to newly-wed in 30 minutes

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