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It's why even though you look similar on most days, and even though styles of clothing can look very similar, a very small cut of cloth can make you look more attractive. If you need to prove this, have a girl you know try on a few different cuts of the 'classic little black skirt' at a department store. One cut of it is going to make her look elegant, another is going to make her look hot, and many, many, many cuts are going to make her look not so good. I have no idea why women enjoy shopping so much, with as difficult as it must be for them.

Anyway, dress is a really simple thing to help you stand out and be represented as physically fit, and thus attractive. A little effort into your clothes can make you much more attractive. But more important

t han clothes are attitudes, and the beliefs they come from.

Confidence is attractive. Now, I'm going to make a differentiation here:

There's confidence as a belief, and,

There's confidence in actions.

Confidence as a belief is confidence in yourself and yourself and your abilities. It's knowing your value is high and you're awesome. It manifests itself in actions.

Have you ever been cliff-diving? It's where you jump off a cliff of some height into very deep water. It's very fun and a little dangerous. The first time I did it, I had no confidence in the action. I muttered a quick prayer and just jumped off. A few more dives jumps later and I was totally confident, and I wasn't sweating it at all.

Confidence in yourself, the belief, will translate into confidence in your actions. Had I been completely sure that I was invincible, I'd have been completely confident jumping off that cliff (literally). But I wasn't quite at that point in my life. Right now, I'm so confident about where I'm going and where I've been in my life that I don't even really fear death (at least in the abstract form, it might change depending on the situation). I'm so confident in myself (belief) that I rarely get afraid of anything. This makes me appear confident in my actions.

I stand strong, speak clearly, and command attention. Confidence in yourself, on a belief level, can't be seen by itself: But it translates into your actions.

This ties into the bodylanguage piece: By moving like someone with confident bodylanguage, even if you're just emulating it, you'll appear to have internal confidence (the belief). The action itself is a slightly exaggerated walk, that's fluid and cool. This is a confident action, and it reflects your internal confidence. Even if you don't have internal confidence, a woman sees a man walking like he's confident, and she thinks he IS confident.

Thus, he becomes attractive to her. Simply by walking attractive, you can start to create a cycle where you get more respect, so you feel more attractive.

It's the same for any attractive action: You can pinpoint what the action is and do it, that's good. But to really become good at the game, you need to take it to the next level and find the BELIEF that that action comes from, and make it one of YOUR beliefs.

As for what your beliefs should be... that's up for you to decide. The first step is figuring out two things:

Who you want to be, and,

What you want to do.

Me, I want to be someone who is knowledgeable about many things, always be getting better in everything I do, and be a good person by my standards. What I want to do is help people, and in helping people, help myself. I want to live a life that's comfortable without being excessive, and I want to form relationships with people where we can enrich each other's lives. I want my relationships with women to be with women who are everything a man can ask for, and I want a woman for me to be loyal to me.

Just reading my list, can you see what beliefs I should start to develop? I want to develop open-mindedness for my knowledge, perseverance for getting better, and I need to cultivate a strong, intelligent set of morals I can live by. I need to believe I'm attractive, worth knowing, able to speak with anyone, able to bring other people up, and so on.

These little things will be seen when a person meets me. They'll see the way I smile, walk, talk, shrug, eat, drink, and so on.

The best thing you can do to help yourself reach a goal is find a suitable belief. BUT, reworking your beliefs can take a while, and it's good to take action right away. In the meantime, as you grasp and REALLY REALLY believe your beliefs, you can work on emulating the behaviors someone with that belief would do.

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