Image and Stereotypes

We're all a mix of many different things. Girls, and people in general, will see different parts of who we are.

So when I get the question 'Can I get success even though I'm_?'

... I shake my head. Insert any of 'short', 'tall', 'fat', 'skinny', 'old', 'young'... also insert every race - yes, I've seen guys of all races get nervous and wonder if they can succeed...

This is a common problem. You probably don't like every single thing about yourself. Who does? Hopefully you're trying to work past the things you don't like and become the best person you can be.

But what if you're short? What can be done about that?

Well your height isn't going to change. But I don't think that's really what you care about.

No, what you care about is bedding beautiful women and getting plenty of respect out of everyone you meet.

Regardless of your height, you can bed plenty of beautiful women, and have very hot girlfriends.

Something Very Important:

The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you.

Read that again.

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