Raj of New York City

'I feel I am in a unique situation, since I am 45 years old and married. And if you saw me, you might not believe I pick up girls half my age. I took theApproach Bootcamp a few months ago and just recently did a one day refresher of personal coaching in Boston.

I can't say enough great things about Vincent and Sebastian. Although both guys are in their twenties, I was blown away at how well their method works for someone like me. They identify with me and understand all of my concerns.

Their very smooth and subtle approach is well suited for older men. They actually pointed out many advantages we as older men have with younger women. For example, young women love older men if they have class and sophistication. They also reminded me of all the positive things I have personality wise to offer women.

In addition, my wife loves the changes she has seen in me, and is

convinced the program has strengthened our relationship.' -Vlad G of Boston, MA

'I'm really glad I took theApproach. I took a bootcamp with two additional days of personal coaching and it paid off huge.

Before I took the program, I was a fat, poorly dressed loser. Now, I can't guarantee you'll have the results I did, but I was serious about improving.

When I met Sebastian for my bootcamp, he started going through Attitudes with me. He asked me why any woman would be lucky to have me. I said she wouldn't. He asked me if I liked myself. I said I

He taught me for a bit longer, then told me: 'I can tell you're serious about success. Do you want the truth?' I did. He went on, 'I can teach you all the tech in the world, and it's all golden, but you'll never reach the highest levels with your attitude. Are you willing to change how you think?'

I was! The first day, we started looking at which of my attitudes were good and which weren't. Which made me happy and which didn't. Sebastian taught me about the 'Lottery of Attitudes' and how where we're born and stuff that happens when we're very little shape most people's entire lives.

I was feeling better. 'Chance hasn't been easy on you. It wasn't on me either and I'm here right now before you, dating beautiful and amazing women, and living my dream of teaching people to do better things. Are you willing to change?' I said yes.

Sebastian related his story to me, and told me how he once was worse off than me in a lot of ways. I found it unbelieveable when he told me how he used to look and act.

I was determined to get better. At the end of the first day, I told Sebastian I wanted to practice all night before I saw him tomorrow. He didn't.

told me to hold on and got on his cell phone, and called a friend of his who is both a personal trainer and a former student.

I went out with Sebastian's trainer friend and we practiced after the program hours were over. The next morning, I went to the gym with him and lifted weights and broke up a big sweat. It hurt a lot but it felt good too.

I showered and came to day 2 of the program. Sebastian reinforced some of the attitudes he'd already worked on with me, then started into the basics of approaching and initiating conversation.

Things were going well. I flew through day 2, and Sebastian said I was really talented for going at such a good pace. I felt very comfortable with him the whole time and he made me feel really good.

That night, I practiced solo and women were opening up to me. I liked what I saw.

The next day, I was pretty sore still from the gym, but I felt good. I met up with Vincent and we went shopping for clothes for me. Vincent TOTALLY changed up my style, taking me from beyond bad to looking really really sharp.

I got a new haircut and Vin brought in his girlfriend of the time who worked in the fashion industry to help me get the most cutting edge style and find good bargains at the same time.

I was really happy with how I got dressed up and I was feeling really good in my new clothes. I said goodbye to Vin's girlfriend at mid-day and we worked all on conversational skills, then more fieldwork. I was a bit frustrated at this part of the program since there's so many skills, but Vin took good care of me and said it's natural for it to take a while to seep in.

As we were wrapping up day 3 Vin got a call and answered it, then handed the phone to me. Sebastian asked if I wanted to work out in the morning. I said hell yes, of course I do.

He told me to get plenty of sleep that night and eat a good breakfast in the morning.

I met Sebastian before the program and we worked out together. It was pretty cool to have him do that for me. He told me he's happy to match the dedication level of the student and I was being very dedicated.

We broke from the gym a few hours before the program was going to start, and Sebastian said he needed a nap. He went and got some sleep, but I couldn't help but go practice my developing skills in a bookstore.

I went in with Sebastian's favorite opener on a girl in the cafe and we talked for two hours. I got her number when I had to leave for the start of the program!

I met Sebastian and Vincent actually came along as well free of charge. Vin had explained to me when I signed up that you can get 1:1 personal coaching time, but a lot of times if Sebastian or he is free and in the same area, they'll go two instructors to one student.

Well it was very cool having both guys. I got to see a couply demonstrations with Sebastian or Vincent explaining what the other was doing in real time. It was also cool to see how they worked together and got things going.

At this point, I had already improved my health, style, and attitudes. I had learned how to approach and the execution behind good conversation. Now it was time for the heavy stuff.

The got into screening, qualifying, touching, cold reading, and other skills. I learned a lot of advanced techniques but I was able to start doing a lot right away. Things were coming together great.

We covered a wide range of subjects and then got out there. I got four phone numbers and a kiss! Amazing!

I felt better, looked better, and was doing much better. After we broke, I called one of my female friends and she said I sounded totally different

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