Sensory Input Belief Filters Conscious Thought

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You see something, or hear it, or smell it, you filter it through your beliefs, THEN you can consciously think about it. Can you see how it'd be difficult to change your beliefs? To get to an idea, you wind up filtering what you're sensing through your beliefs.

So unless you come into something with an open mind, or your beliefs are wired in a very good way as to allow you to make constant adjustments to them, it can be very hard to change them until you're aware of the pattern, which you now are.

To illustrate the example, let's look beyond dating and sex: I, myself, deeply hold the belief that I should be free to share my opinions and logically debate them with whomever would like to hear and debate with me, and that that is never wrong. I'm repulsed when I hear about governments censoring their citizens.

If someone were to tell me that that's the way the whole world should be run, it's very, very, very unlikely I could ever come to that belief: Because to even think about that idea, for it to even become conscious thought, it has to go through my beliefs: And I, literally, feel physically repulsed at that idea.

Another example would be telling a devout religious person that God does not exist. It's quite possible that they could never come to that belief, because the idea couldn't even make it past their beliefs to be thought about.

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