The image you put forward has to be stronger than any negative stereotypes about you

I used to work out at a gym that had guys that looked to be Triads in them. Y'know, Chinese mafia. Ripped, dragon-tattooed guys, shaved heads, hot girlfriends and luxury cars and nice clothes and a 'Don't mess with me' look.

When any woman looked at one of these guys, she didn't think, 'He's Asian.' She thought 'He's powerful' or 'He's a gangster' or 'He's buff.'

As an example, let's compare two Chinese guys I knew. One went to that gym. He was about 5'5, but he was *jacked*. Muscles upon muscles.

They called him 'the bull'. No joke. I called him 'el toro' very, very respectfully. This guy had women all over him - black, white, latin, and of course Asian as well.

On the other hand, I knew a Chinese computer-programmer. He had thick glasses and wore frumpled clothing and slouched over.

He had no image, so women would lump him into the category of 'asexual Asian guy' - They'd buy into the stereotype that he's asexual,

because -

The image he put forward was not stronger than the negative stereotypes around him. When I told this to my Asian student last weekend, he started to 'get it'. By the end of his program, he was picking up girls of various races normally.

Everybody's got something that's unappealing to some group of women. You're either young or old or too skinny or too fat or too short or too tall or... something.

I got to make a brief pass through France recently. You can bet your last nickel that I didn't want people to think 'American' right off the bat. I wanted women to think 'Wow, what a stylish powerful guy.'

When women would ask where I was from, I'd tell them to guess. I was getting a lot of 'Amsterdam', 'Italy', and 'Russia'. That means I was doing something right - I didn't put off the negative vibe associated with Americans in France.

I'm still American. But it wasn't what I put forward.

I've been to parties where I was the only white person in the room. Hell, I've been to parties where I was the only person in the room that didn't speak fluent Mandrin, Spanish, or Creole. But I'd keep a warm smile and a good vibe, and yeah, everyone knew I was white... but I wasn't 'the white guy'.

Think on that. If you're wondering, 'Am I too short?' ... then think of if you put off a short vibe. Tom Cruise is pretty short. I've had students at short as 5'2.

In fact, the shortest student I've ever had slept with 3 women within 2 months of meeting with me. Thing was, he didn't identify with being a 'short guy'. He didn't have a 'short vibe'. No, he acted like a high-rollin' playboy type, and the women bought right into that.

Cultivate an image for yourself. If you have a weak image, then people will pick something arbitrary about you and assume the stereotypes.

If you have a solid image, your age, race, height, and all those other things you have no control over - They fade to black.

And you get the girls you want. 11 The Next Step

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