of the top recognized pickup gurus in the world. Their teaching methods are just as refined as their skills with women, and they continue to develop and systematize them further, night after night.

theApproach programs zero in and focus on each student to determine what your inherent personality traits are and develop them in the most attractive way possible. In addition, you will receive highly constructive feedback in order to address those things that are currently holding you back from your desired success.

Not only will we provide you with the neccessary tools for the tricky situations and challenges you will encounter, but we will improve your attitude and mindsets using interactive exercises which streamline your thought patterns, destroy negative thinking and eliminate self-imposed limitations.

3.2 theApproach StreetGameTM Official Workshop

Do you see beautiful women in the daytime, walking down the street, in malls, or even bookstores? Do you see them in train stations, coffee shops or anywhere for that matter? Would you like to have your pick of these same women for a romantic encounter? Did you know that these women are wanting, wishing, and hoping for the exact same thing? Only in the movies?

Think again.

Introducing: theApproach StreetGame™ Official Workshop

Learn what it takes to enter the world of women's fantasy. Realize that 90% of the women you see are not only open to having a same-day intimate connection... they are eagerly anticipating it!

theApproach StreetGame™ Workshops are exclusive workshops aimed at the advanced level students who want to take their daytime pick-up skills to top level. Workshop groups are limited to a 3:1 student to instructor ratio.

Workshops take place almost entirely in the field with intensive real-

time coaching and training. Malls, Bookstores, Grocery Stores, Busy Streets,Train Stations are all fair game!

3.3 theApproach BootcampTM Intensive Workshop

If you theApproach Standard and StreetGame Workshops sound great, but youd like to do even MORE to improve your game, check out our Bootcamp program. This is for the guys who are really serious about taking their game to the next level youll be working one-on-one with an instructor at all times, the ultimate in personalized attention. The bootcamp takes place almost entirely in-field, you youll get a massive amount of experience in one weekend.

Youll get incredibly detailed feedback on your interactions, and youll see each group of women which you engage becoming progressively more attracted to you than the last. You can customize the bootcamp entirely to what you want, all the field work will take place in the venues YOU prefer. You can work on any area of your game for as long as you feel you need to. Youll become more confident and achieve more success with women that weekend, which will in turn make you even more confident, which will lead to more success in the future.

3.4 theApproach Phone Coaching

Even if you can't make it to one of our personalized workshops, help is still available via theApproach Phone Coaching. Keep up on all the latest concepts and ideas or even get tailored advice to a specific situation.

Speak directly with either Vincent or Sebastian and get advice right before your important date. Phone coaching is completely personal, confidential and secure, and we'll never share your information with anyone.

Workshop students can even follow up their programs to stay sharp, learn all the newest techniques and even get specific exercises to stay on the path to mastery. Phone coaching is completely personalized to the individual student, and we can track your progress over the long term.

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