on the phone. I asked how and she said 'Totally alive.'

As per Sebastian's recommendation, I called the girl I met in the bookstore earlier that night. I used some of the storytelling and screening techniques I had learned and demonstrated my interest in a good way, not a chasing way.

The last day of my custom program, I was really sore but it was a good sore. I felt tired but energized. I moved a bit stiffly from the weights yesterday but it was all good. I looked great in my new clothes.

I came to the last of day of my personal coaching program. Vin and Sebastian were both there again. Vin taught relationship skills, Sebastian taught the basics of good sex, and they went over the full structure of a pickup together. They covered miscellaneous skills, answered all my remaining questions, and gave me exercises to do to keep getting better.

We did a little more field work and things were going really well. I got a few more numbers and another kiss. They did my final debrief, then Sebastian saw a really hot blond chick as we were ready to break. He said 'Go, she's all yours.'

I went in and started running my game. Things were so fluid it was out of this world. I was sore and I felt like my movements might've been kind of jerky from lifting weights but it didn't even matter. At the end, I invited this beautiful beautiful blond girl back to my place for dinner and drinks...

The program has been amazing to me. It's been three weeks and I've slept with three women, including the girl from the bookstore and the blond girl. I'm actually looking to settle down once I find the right woman, but right now I'm going to have some fun before I do.

I got a gym membership and I'm doing full body workouts three times a week. I feel so much more happy and successful, and I'm meeting so many more women. A lot of women in my life that were looking right past me and taking me for granted now are trying to get with me. Haha too late!

I'm so glad I took theApproach and I can't thank Vincent and Sebastian enough. I don't know if everyone can have my results, but if everyone can get even 1/ 10th of what I did, it's worth every penny. Life-changing, motivating, empowering, amazing performance. Vincent, Sebastian, thank you. You are gods among men.'

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