This article is about becoming more attractive. But as an example, let's say you want to be more sincere:

What's a quick thing many sincere people do?

So you could focus on your listening, and that'd make you a bit more sincere. Likewise, many sincere people make eye contact, so you could try making eye contact more. As such, you'd feel more sincere, and then a cycle has begun.

Modelling your behavior after the behaviors of people you want to be like can be helpful. That doesn't mean try to pretend like you're them: Instead, start with one behavior they do, and watch as it sparks a cycle. If you walk like an attractive guy, you'll get more respect from men and more attention from women. As such, you'll feel more attractive... and what'll you do? I'm going to bet you'll smile like you own whatever place you're in. And in doing so, guess what? You just did another behavior that attractive people do, naturally, because you felt attractive. And suddenly, you're walking like a cool guy and you're smiling like the guy that owns the place. Then you get more respect and more attention, and the cycle continues.

You're well on your way to becoming attractive. 6 Body Language

The main charactersistics you want your body language to have are:

1. Relaxed and Slow.

2. Big and Open.

No weird jerky movements. No hesitation. Put your intentions out in the open for all to see. If you are relaxed and confident you will naturally take on certain nuances of body language.


You will:

• Lean back. Leaning back shows that you are relaxed and comfortable with yourself and with the girl and her group. It is an invitation for her to follow you into your comfortable reality. Leaning back is not incongruent with direct game because it is not a sign of disinterest, only of relaxation. When you are seated, lean back in your chair. Dont slouch, just lean back slightly. The same with when youre standing against something, just lean back slightly onto it.

• Stand up straight. Bad posture is a sign of low self-esteem. Good posture is a sign of confidence and is attractive to women. You can improve your looks tremendously just by improving your posture.

• Dont touch too early, or too late. Some guys turn women off by touching them before the woman is comfortable with their touch. Many more guys turn women off by not touching them at all, and appearing asexual. The proper time to touch a woman is largely determined by your frame, if you do it with the confident expectation that she will enjoy the touch, then she will. Of course there are also factors specific to the girl, but mainly it is your frame.

There are a few technical specifics to touching a woman. You want to make your touch slow and confident: No tentativeness. Ideally, a touch should be spontaneous and you should not think about it, but a touch that you have to think about is better than no touching at all. At first, touch a woman in safe places, on her back, her arm, or her hand. Of course, eventually you want to escalate to non-safe places, but do this only after she is receptive to kino on safe places.

While you are learning, err on the side of touching a woman too much rather than too little. You will have to set aside your ego to do this, because at first your touches will often be rejected. This is part of the learning process learn from the experience, and eventually women will crave your touch.

• Make steady, warm eye contact. You want to avoid hard eye contact, or staring. Similarly, you want to avoid darting eyes and looking around the room, or looking at the floor it signals that you are insecure. Look at her steadily are warmly.

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