Tim S of San Fransisco CA

'Yoooo Vince!

Wasup big man! You wont believe, I have on my todo list since the seminar to email you a testimonial... but the list is way too long! LOL

Well as far as results, the proof is in the pudding. Attached to this email are the pics in my car of the chick I met while we were 'in the

field' at the mall. It took me the 2nd date to get in there. The hardest part was making the time with my schedule to hook up with her. LOL. J so as u can see Im a happy camper.

You can use anything I say in this email as my testimonial. It truly is a wonderful feeling that when a girl cancels on me now, I dont even sweat it, cause I have others in the pipeline waiting to meet me anyway. Now I have that buffer of ladies I can call on to hook up with. Not only did the workshop help me in going after any female I desire in my path, but its made me more successful in business too. Like the pauses between the flow of my words when I do seminars, and the conversation exercises when I meet prospects (for business and pleasure!).

You guys are Hitch to the extreme! Forget reading books on this stuff, in my humble but accurate opinion, no other method has made me learn more than yours of making us actually do the work out in the field in real life situations, not just theory. And Im amazed with how those couple lines you advised me to say to past exs, who have a man, but still keep them as a bootycall...worked!'

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