Vocal Tonality

Another very important factor which will make a man more attractive is his vocal tonality. If your tonality is not good, even the smoothest, most genuine, opening lines are not going to work for you. If your tonality it is great, however, you can make anything seductive just by virtue of you saying it.

First, you need to project your voice loudly enough to be heard clearly. This is especially important in the nighttime, where youre competing with loud music. You want to strike a balance between being loud enough to be clearly heard, and not being overly loud. A well-projected voice lets everyone around you know you think what you have to say is important, but a too quiet voice is easily ignored. Similarly, a too loud voice is seen as overcompensation. Most guys, however, err on the side of being too quiet. Project your voice from your diaphragm, loudly and powerfully.

Once you have gotten into the habit or projecting your voice well, you now want to work on the speed of your speech. Again, there is an optimum speed to be most seductive, but most guys talk too fast. In order to make your voice more attractive, slow down the pace of your voice. At first it will seem ridiculous, like you are talking in slow motion. With time, however, you will become habituated to the new, relaxed pace of your voice. While your old, fast-talking voice conveyed that you were hurried and uncomfortable, women will be drawn in and entranced by your new, confident and relaxed pace of speech.

You should also calibrate the pace of your speech to the situation. In a high-energy, party atmosphere you want to talk slightly faster. In an intimate moment before a kiss, you want to talk especially slowly.

Another important aspect of your voice is its pitch. A high voice is viewed by women as weak and feminine. In the daytime, you want to make your voice deep and resonant. Think of the tone of a hypnotists voice. He draws you in with his slow rhythm and mesmerizing deep voice. This is what you should be aiming for in quiet situations.

In loud club situations, your tone should be slightly higher than in the daytime. This is because if you talk overly deeply in a club, your voice will be drowned in the bass, and nobody will be able to hear you. Your tone still should not be ridiculously high, just a little high enough to be audible.

So, in a daytime situation you want your voice to be loud, slow, deep and resonant. You want to convey complete relaxation and dominance.

In a loud club situation, you want to make your voice slightly higher and faster, and become even more loud, conveying energy and playfulness. We use tonality exercises in each one of our programs to achieve a seductive tonality in the daytime, and a well-projected, captivating and fun tonality in the nighttime. In addition, we coach all our clients in-field, and give them feedback on their voice, and the ways that they can improve on it.

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