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The Difference Between Dating And Friendship

One thing is for sure, women do NOT see dating as 'friendship with sex'. Behind that pleasant baby-like face march the thoughts she has had for her entire life. Your role, as a 'man', is to work for her your entire life. Ask older men, married and divorced, for verification if you're skeptical. This is why women will see your material goods and ambitions, never your intellect, your interest in discovery, the universe, etc. I would say the biggest difference between friendship and dating is addiction. Did he say addiction Yes, he did. Friendship carries on due to similiar interests, having fun, and so on. Dating marriage occurs and ensues due to addiction. Some guys suspect that it is sex that the guys are addicted to. This misses the mark. We have been so conditioned to find females in our presence normal, that when they are not there, it becomes abnormal. As has been observed, older married couples don't have sex. So how does the couple keep working Addiction. This addiction is the...

Making friends

Making friends is one of the most difficult and worthwhile experiences of human life because it requires time and effort and patience and understanding and acceptance and honesty. Many people confuse friendship with acquaintances, and they're not the same at all. Acquaintances are people you hang out with they're convenient but interchangeable. Friends are people you actively seek out, people with whom you have something in common, and the link is deeper and stronger. It is very possible for one to become the other, and everyone who becomes a friend had to be an acquaintance first. (Friendships can be downgraded, for example, when two people move apart geographically or emotionally or situationally changing jobs, marital status, and so on. Of course, this section focuses on getting friends, not losing them.) The place to start is with an acquaintance that you really like, who seems to have some time available, and with whom you have something in common. Adult friendships are based on...

The History of The Rules

We had grown up dreaming about being the president of the company, not the wife of the president. So, we quietly passed The Rules on from friend to friend, somewhat embarrassed because they seemed so, well, '50s. Still, we had to face it as much as we loved being powerful in business, for most of us, that just wasn't enough. Like our mothers and grandmothers before us, we also wanted husbands who would be our best friends. Deep inside, if the truth be told, we really wanted to get married the romance, the gown, the flowers, the presents, the honeymoon the whole package. We didn't want to give up our liberation, but neither did we want to come home to empty apartments. Who said we couldn't have it all

Dealing with depression

A note here about online relationships. These relationships still count as house arrest. Face-to-face is the way human beings relate best, and if you're using your PC for your social life, you're literally keeping others at arm's (or at least keyboard's) length. It's not healthy or productive. If you've got flesh-and-blood contacts and want to fill in some of the spaces between seeing each other with online friendships, fine, but don't substitute e-mail for emotion or mistake online for alive.

Same versus oppositesex friends

Can a man and a woman be jusffriends Well, yes and no. Most women say yes most men say no. It is certainly possible for friendship to blossom into a sexual and romantic thing. (Why do you think When Harry Met Sally i s still such a popular video rental, and Friends and Dawson's Creek still rule in cable reruns five days a week ) Often exes can be friends after the sexual passion has gone and some time has passed so that neither is confused The advantage of opposite-sex friendships is that you can share dating tips and insights. This is probably why so many women have gay male friends They can get the insight without the hassle of wondering about sex with one another.

The crappy sketchartist approach

Another alternative is to say, I'm glad you laughed because I noticed you here with your friends and I wanted to get a glimpse of the personality inside of the beauty or a glimpse of your personality as well for a less supplicative approach before I introduced myself. My name is Then offer to do her hand-writing by saying, Well, look if you're open and adventurous enough for it I analyze handwriting. You'll learn secrets about yourself your best friends don't know and I'll get to find out if you're the kind of person I'd like to get to know better .

The Universal Language

I want you to go try something so you can get a feel for what I'm talking about. I want you to go make friends with a cat. Yes, a cat. Have you heard that women act like cats, and men act like dogs Ever wondered what's going on Have you ever tried to make friends with a cat, but gave up because the cat wanted nothing to do with you I often hear, Wow, that cat doesn't make friends with anyone that fast or I've never seen that cat let someone pet her so soon , etc. The point is that this is the language of cats. And, interestingly enough, it's also a fantastic introduction to the language of women and attraction. Women totally understand cats. Read the last section about how to make friends with a cat to a woman. The woman will nod and say, Well, of course. She'll explain to you what's going on in the cat's mind that causes this behavior.

The Zone of Discomfort

Billy and Pamela have a really outstanding relationship. They share a deep, genuine affection for one another that is the envy of many other friendships. They always have a great time together and have gathered lots of terrific memories of the fun times they have spent. Their relationship is marked by the pleasant trademark of being almost entirely conflict-free. Oh sure there's the occasional disagreement or hurt feeling from a mispoken word or thoughtless act, but nothing compared to most other couples they know. When Billy does something wrong he Answer Because Billy and Pamela are not having sex. They are platonic best friends.

Reading the line of Heart

The Line of Heart is the uppermost deep groove in the top portion of palm running beneath the fingers. It tells the way an individual relates to others through friendships and loves, and why. It reveals the emotional and spirtual attitude of People, and tells how they feel toward themselves, because of their outward attitudes. The line at its best should be clear and deep, but not more outstanding than the line just below it--the Line of Head. When both of these lines are about the same in depth and color, it shows a balance between the head and heart. When one is far deeper, and more evident than the other, it indicates either that a person is ruled by his or her heart, or by his or her head. When it sits high on the palm, the person makes good, loving choices. Farther down, and closer to the Line of Head, it can indicate childhood problems leading to distorted ideas of love and friendship. indicates the natural flirt, and downward trouble with the opposite sex, or the sex of...

Being Yourself May Not Be Truly

That one friend who had more courage to do the really scary stuff the rest of you were too afraid to do. Like maybe that one friend was the only one brave enough to ring that neighbor's doorbell and run, or was the first one who would try something risky, or never seemed afraid to stand up to the bigger kds. You also had that other friend who saw danger and panic in virtually anything you did. You know who I'm talkng about That was the friend who ' s tag line seemed to be we better not, we ' ll get in trouble. And the majority of you were somewhere in the middle, between sometimes doing scary stuff, and sometimes being too scared to do something. But when you really take a serious look at these friendships, you will notice that there were times when you wee influenced to try or believe something that you did not want to try or did not believe prior to that. And as a result of these moments, one-third of the reason you are the adult that you are today, was created.

Narrow Purpose and Broad Purpose Communities

Most traditional online dating sites facilitate narrow-purpose community. They offer tools for finding people to date and communicating with them, but they tend not to provide tools for communicating in a broader context or establishing ties outside of a dating context. In addition, their marketing and on-site presentation of communication tools strongly suggest that the purpose of these sites is dating only, even if its tools could be used for other forms of interaction. In particular, the positioning of the private messaging system as a mechanism for contacting potential romantic partners likely discourages same-sex communication on heterosexual systems, even where it might facilitate friendship or prove otherwise beneficial.

Separation Stirring Interest and Desire

Your victims live in their own worlds, their minds occupied with anxieties and daily concerns. Your goal in this initial phase is to slowly separate them from that closed world and fill their minds with thoughts of you. Once you have decided whom to seduce (1 Choose the right victim), your first task is to get your victims' attention, to stir interest in you. For those who might be more resistant or difficult, you should try a slower and more insidious approach, first winning their friendship (2 Create a false sense of security approach indirectly) for those who are bored and less difficult to reach, a more dramatic approach will work, either fascinating them with a mysterious presence (3 Send mixed signals) or seeming to be someone who is coveted andfought over by others (4 Appear to be an object of desire).

Moving from just friends

Being considered someone's friend is always an honour and a privilege. Not only is friendship good for the soul, it bestows considerable health benefits, too. Some of your best memories and most cherished moments involve friends. Your friends may also provide a delicately balanced system for nurturing each other. These are the benefits you have to weigh up when considering risking converting a friend to a lover. Housemates kept enquiring as to the nature of their relationship. 'Just friends,' replied Jane. Secretly, Jane suspected that Harry's feelings towards her were more than friendly, but she ignored them and positioned the relationship as a purely platonic friendship.

Complete trust is not necessary for seduction

(This is why I believe that ail relationships need to start with seduction. When you start with too much friendship and too little passion and lust, you wind up being two friends - not lovers - who end up having occasional sex to justify staying together so they can hang out and do things as a couple.) For example, if you asked her if she had any brothers or sisters, and she said No, you could then ask her something related to it. Did you have a best friend that you treated like a sister What was she like What made her such a good friend

Tip 4 Going the friends first route to seducing women is completely ineffective and a total waste of time

You must understand that a woman's lover can never be a converted buddy - it has to be someone who stirred up her deepest instincts to mate and copulate with actions that spoke to her identity as a woman right from the very start. Only a few people in her life will ever be considered in this special way. You don't earn that exalted place in a woman's heart by going through the high-minded front channels of friendship and mutual respect -- you have to slip in through the back door of her mind by immediately provoking feelings of lust and passion from the very first few moments of contact or the romantic opportunity is lost forever.

What to Talk About on a Date

OK, think about this why do you like your guy friends Why are your best friends, your best friends Simply because you enjoy each others company, right They make you laugh, they intrigue you, they stimulate your mind, or they fascinate you. Whatever it is that they do for you, when you are together, you get feelings of pleasure. Otherwise, why else would they be great friends

Be Part I Beliefs

Out of the world what you put into it. Put in positivity and abundance, and that's what you get back. Put in neediness and negativity, and that's exactly what you get back, too. A simple way of thinking about this is that you can't give what you don't have. So if you're giving away friendship, love, and positivity, that means you must have a lot of it in store. Since the choice is yours, may I suggest that you believe that the universe truly reflects you and bring an attitude of serving and sharing to whatever you do, and watch the miracles that follow.

Platonic Pothole or Road to Romance You Decide

Tony has scads of women friends who adore him, but when it comes time to get romantic, they invariably let him know that they just don't think of him that way. Lynnette has a circle of attractive and adoring men friends who feel they can confide in her about anything, but they never seem to feel that she's date material. Renee complains, Everyone says you're supposed to be friends before you become lovers. But what happens to me is that I always make friends with a guy, and by the time I want to become lovers, he has me ensconced in a position of being 'just a friend' and he can't think of me in any other way. One of the biggest reasons for the buddy syndrome is that people get confused about the dynamics of friendship with someone of the opposite sex. You see, there are friends, and then there are platonic friends. What's the difference Well, let's look at some definitions. The Webster's dictionary definition of a friend is a person who is attached to another person by a feeling of...

Women sleep with men who excite them and interest them not the men

Look I don't want to change what happened last night, because it was wonderful and everything. I just don't want to take a chance on ruining our friendship. And what inevitably happens is that the guy A) doesn't get sex, B) gets a friendship that makes him angry and resentful, especially when she starts talking about the guy she is banging, who sure as hell never started out as her 'friend.' Always start with sexual interest in a woman. You don't seduce women by sneaking in through the back door of friendship.

How to Flirt Effectively

Men and women flirt differently, for different reasons and expect different outcomes to the flirting. Some men flirt with women primarily to get sex. However, if you put aside that outcome and flirt just to be friendly you are opening yourself to different opportunities. You may well end up with a new lover but if that doesn't work out you could meet someone who becomes a good friend and who knows who she might introduce you to. Keep your options open. After you have exchanged glances and smiles across a room and you are fairly confident that SHE thinks that she might like to get to know you better, send a drink to her. But remember that ALL you are buying is a drink.

Become your own friend for her

I'm responding to your AOL profile on behalf of my friend Mark. I hear him saying about the women he dates and the games that they play and how he has had enough of it. He's looking for an honest, no-games-playing woman who likes to have fun. So, being his good friend, I thought I'd do him this favor of replying because you seem like you'd be a good match for him. here. When you email Mark, tell him his good friend Kent said you two appear to be an obvious match. His email is mark436-

Situation 7 At the Gym or Exercise Club

Dangers That high repeat ratio also works the other way, too. So if things don't work out and you don't intend to keep up at least a pretense of friendship later, you should probably think about another target. Any place that you repeatedly visit is going to have a high likelihood of you running into people you know or have approached before.

Speed Bumps on Lifes Highway

7 he time span between the end of date number two and the beginning of the rest of your love life is a sort of like lust love limbo. It's all about potential. You're in the what's-going-to-happen-next mode. It's not a relationship yet. It's not a full-fledged friendship, either. It's an exciting, sexy, mysterious, scary, thrilling sort of thing which is just what this stage is supposed to be. It's a time to take it slowly, take stock, keep it all in perspective, and accept your topsy-turvy emotions for what they really are a natural reaction to what potentially, plausibly, conceivably, hopefully, fingers-crossed, if everything works out, may one day (possibly) be.

Natural Woman pattern

But the natural woman that's the woman right there at the core where you keep your most exciting memories where you ponder fantasies daydreams amazing possibilities the things you'd do if no one were watching and no one even your best friends would ever, ever know about

The more the more pattern

Ross Jeffries Another very simple and powerful way to thought bind is to use a pattern my good friend and teacher Kenrick Cleveland calls the more the more pattern . A simple way to use this, in a pickup, is to get a woman laughing. Once she laughs, call attention to it by saying something like, See you're laughing. It feels good to laugh. And the more you laugh, the more you'll discover that you really want to go out with me . Now, it sounds too simple, but it works The more the more basically is saying that doing one thing causes you or makes you do something else. Here's some other possible uses

Making People Feel Important

Feeling special is something nobody refuses. Making people feel significant is especially important in relation to flirting, developing new friendships, and success at work. Fortunately, you use exactly the same skills in all these contexts to a greater or lesser extent. The next three sections offer strategies you can use to make others feel important the last section tells you how to make colleagues, friends, and people you're interested in feel important. Next time you have a conversation with a good friend, listen for common words and phrases that you both use. You may also find that you adopt the same attitudes in your conversations, for example being positive or negative or sitting on the fence. Finding friends becomes harder as you get older. Opportunities don't present themselves the way they did when you were at school or college. People who play team sports have the greatest opportunities to meet new people, but if you're a working lone parent who's relocated from your home...

The Only Person That Cares Is

One of the best things I've ever done is make friends with some REALLY SUCCESSFUL guys (I'm talking about success with women here). As a matter of fact, most of the techniques that I've learned, developed, and write about originally started out as something I got from a friend by watching them interact with women.

Picking out the Good Ones

The good thing about online dating is that you decide whether you're compatible based on conversation and common interests rather than physical appearance. Online daters often establish a friendship and learn to sustain a conversation before they meet in person. Many people find it easier to share personal details and express their inner thoughts with the anonymity of the internet, so it may feel as if you're truly getting to know one another faster than you ever would in real life.

Networking and pivots

In addition to being able to make friends with all their girlfriends, keeping girls as pivots has the added benefit of letting you be seen with girls. This makes other girls envious and intrigued about you, and presents you as a challenge as opposed to you being alone, thus easy and a bore plus a looks-like-nobody-wants-him-anyway . So get to know beautiful girls and their girlfriends, hang out with them, network, make them your pivots whenever appropriate. One word of caution though - don't forget that being friends with beautiful girls and making them your pivots is not your GOAL, it is only a side-strategy ) You do remember what your goal is, don't you )

Ask the Love Coach

Darlene and Susan tad been close friends for yean. Darlene was dating a man named Brian, i who made no secret of the fact that he found Susan attractive, too. At irrst Darlene really didn't mind, because Brian limited his attention to harmless flirtation. Susan did nothing to encourage Brian, as the last thing she wanted to do was to damage her friendship with Dadene.

She Cant Be Your Best Friend

Alpha Men know that women do not make very good best friends for men. You simply cannot expect a woman to get into all the guy stuff that you like. Stay frosty and alert, and recognize that male-female friendships are possible, but they have a certain structure and special boundaries. They are not the same as male-male friendships. In no situation should you make a woman your best friend just because you feel you can talk to her or tell her things you can't tell to a guy. That's a good friend, but not what an Alpha Man needs for his growth.

Advanced Techniques to Induce Liking and Attraction

Establishing Contact, Building Friendship and Creating Intimacy Nevertheless, shyness poses a problem for those who want to persuade. This malady prevents persuasion by aborting communication. Fortunately, techniques to combat shyness do exist. With constant practice, anyone can learn to break the ice , establish rapport, and make new friends. Once you have won trust, you can persuade much more easily. Notice how salesmen always attempt friendship before selling.

The age difference problem

Razor505, direct contribution First you always wait for her to bring up the difference (you must know the difference i.e. 15, 17 years whatever). Second listen to whatever she says at this point feed it back to her, then tell her Look, you don't have to imagine how either way it goes we both win, right (keep talking dont give her a chance to respond) I mean if we just become good friends we win right (don't give her a chance to respond) or if we become more we still win right (keep going) or if we go each our own ways we still win right And instanly ask something about her. It is very important to say all this as off hand as you can.

Miscellaneous 81 Fun and games

An old trick, you can also use it with or without the GM technique. ASF Tell the girl that you will bet her a dollar (or a drink is nice) that you can kiss her without using your lips or your tongue. Girls usually think (know) that your up to something, so sometimes it takes a little convincing to get them to take the bet. They will take it about 1 or 3 of the time. If the girl is a good friend and she doesn't take the bet, say Ok. Fine Just check out this trick I learned you can use it to make money off people, then play it off like your

The key to knowing where to start is to understand the four levels of communication

The purpose of fact disclosure is to find out if you have something in common. You can use these common areas to build a bridge of friendship later on. You may want to talk about your career or occupation, hobbies, where you live, etc. Be prepared to listen to the opinions of your new friend. It is just as important to listen to their viewpoint as it is that they listen to yours. This tempered, accepting exchange will enable your friendship to survive - and perhaps move forward. Over time you will learn to find a safe distance in your communication levels, and if you are forming a genuine bond of friendship, you may eventually enter into the fourth level of communication sharing personal feelings. Only solid friendships survive time to enter the fourth level of communication. After building upon trust, finding things in common, and listening to the viewpoints and opinions of others, you may be able to (safely) share your personal feelings. At this level of communication, it is...

Tip 4 Beware the Friend Zone

And even if you get the timing right, chances are she'll come to her senses and think, Oh, no I don't want to ruin our friendship A man often wants to make a girl friend into a lover, but doesn't realize that women don't want to risk the loss of the friendship. This situation is mostly a symptom of scarcity thinking on the part of the guy. A man should be so busy meeting new women that his friends and women he's already dated can be comfortably forgotten. A man only gets focused on converting a friend because he believes his options are limited. Women do not like to ruin friendships. Period. And that's most of the reason they would avoid going into the romantic zone with men they're already friends with.

Seducing the Party Girl

I got there early, because lately I enjoy an open dance floor and the opportunity to chat up the staff. Sometimes I make friends with the bartenders and they bless me with a few free drinks. So I just do my thang for a while till the place starts to fill up and I spot my first target of the evening.

Reading the lines in general

The Sun Line has been considered the sign of great luck and success in the hand by many palmists. This line indicates talent about which you will have to look at the rest of the hand to determine its exactitude. It basically says that its owner has a special ability to make friends, money and earn a good reputation. A full line of Sun (unlike the one in the picture) starts at the base of the palm and travels up to and under the ring finger. This is a fortunate sign of creative successes or the self-confidence to make the most of inherited talents to gain possible fame in life. The line of Sun as it is shown in the picture is how it most commonly appears in a palm. Here it is short and located in the upper part of the palm. This indicates success comes later in life and that the person might be a late bloomer.

Kinaesthetics aka kino have kino with your female friendsacquaintances

ASF It's quite simple - hug them, touch their hand sporadically and in A NON THREATENING WAY, that is, not like the desperate pervert we all are ) So the idea is, you hide completely the interest you might have AND at the same time you act really touchy huggish. The problem is - you have to start this early in the friend relationship, it has to seem natural, or otherwise she'll wonder what the fuck is he doing lately ) Once you've developed that kind of flirtatious friendship, it's easy to spawn other such 'friendships' with other women they will see you being close to another woman, and I think the key here is that, it probably does not trigger as much jealousy as it makes them (the new ones) feel comfortable -- they see another woman being touched by you in a non-threatening way, and, blam, social-proof, it becomes a 'proof to them that it's normal for you to touch them in turn

Destroying Social Phobias

I remember being annoyed by people who would start up conversations with me on the street. Pretty ironic considering I am now one of Those People Of course I would not have learned this valuable skill on my own. Once again it took a little outside assistance, this time from my good friend JJ. He's the dude who would talk to EVERYBODY. Bums on the street, old ladies at the laundromat, you name it. It's interesting because we never talked about how to approach people, but I learned from him by osmosis. He made me realize that you can't just open up a conversation with anyone without feeling their vibe first. Before you can communicate and be received, it is necessary to PACE the targeted individual. Absorb their situation and change your speed to match theirs. He would get free hit from K-Mart all the time because he would IDENTIFY with the workers. He would ask them if they enjoyed their jobs, already knowing the answer and begin to instill in their hearts a Fu k K-Mart attitude in 20...

Haptic Communication Touch

Haptics Communication Intimacy

Haptic communication is the communication that occurs by touch. It is very important to know how to touch because it can be construed differently under different circumstances and can result in different outcomes. Touch can be used as an extension of friendship or as a full on assault depending on how it is delivered. The method and particulars of the touch also have meaning. For example, a hug or handshake that last a bit longer than ordinary can signify intimacy or compassion. Or comparably, a hug or handshake that is loose or weak could mean friendship or indifference. Touching at appropriate times is an excellent way to gain someone's attention. For example, it is generally acceptable to touch a stranger with a slight poke with two fingers on the shoulder to gain their attention, but quite something else to come up to a stranger and stroke their back. It is important to use touch carefully in the early stages of any relationship. It's also important, unless done tactfully, to...

Without Embarrassment

And if you're already in 'buddy jail' with some girls that you know, it would probably be better to just forget about them for now and move on to finding some fresh meat. Only this time you have to be sure to establish some sexual tension with them right off the bat, okay Then you won't have to wrack your brain trying to figure out how to turn another friend into a lover (an impossible task). Listen to me, no great love affair starts out as a friendship, it's always the other way around You must get at least a little spark of passion crackling in her brain at the earliest possible moment or you'll lose your romantic chances with her forever, and the best way to do that is by not being afraid to touch her. Love affairs begin with a bang of chemistry, not a polite exchange of pleasantries, and the sexually-charged touch sets the test tubes to boiling

The article below is very descriptive and explicit

What about that babe that is friends with the AFC's ex - who this AFC wants to go after now Sorry Her good friend, the ex, has told her what a bas*ard you were and probably exaggerated a bit about you. This babe isn't interested in you at all - aren't you sorry now, silly AFC

How to tell if he likes you

Will all look over to check you out I They'll then probably start mock hitting him to ridicule him This is a strange male-bonding ritual that is intended to remind him that male friendships are more important than girls and sex I Nature will urge him to perform chest-banging rituals to show off his alpha and sexual credentials The first change will be a slight puffing of his chest, then a splaying of the legs . If he's in a confined space or crowd he might also perform pelvic jiggling or small butt thrusts to show what he looks like when he's having sex . (I have to point out these are subconscious responses and very subtle . Any man who starts dry humping the bar when he sees you should be given a very wide berth ) I Another form of chest banging is showing off . This will be rituals like punching his friends playfully or even wrestling them, throwing peanuts into the air and catching them in his mouth, laughing loudly, or drinking too much I If he comes across to talk you should...

The important meaning of qualification

Now, as we saw in other chapters, women love and feel erotic desire towards those men who are in control of a situation (Alpha) AND they may have feelings of friendship but very hardly sensual or erotic feelings towards those men who let women dominate or control themselves (beta.)

The phases of a seduction

As a rule I do everything I can to bring to bed a woman between the first and the third encounter. If I do not succeed in the course of 3 encounters - it rarely happens with me - I end the interaction with her. Any other interaction would bring me more and more into the beta friendship frame and only reduce the possibilities of having sex. Exceptions to this rule are environments where you can meet her for other reasons, for example, the workplace. 2. You will approach, but will go fast into the friendship frame or into the role of her therapist. This is also a huge mistake because being her friend before you bring her to bed will kill the sexual tension. In that way it is like saying to her I am a beta male.

Dont Tell Him What to Do

If, after dating you for months, he has never introduced you to his parents or friends, that means he doesn't want you to meet his parents or friends. He may simply be shy about the whole thing. Don't be pushy and suggest meeting them if he doesn't bring it up. We don't force ourselves on the family. We don't make friends with his roommate or take his mother to lunch so that she'll tell him to marry us. No one can make him marry us. Either accept the situation as it is and be patient or date others, but don't force anything to happen.

Take Care of Yourself and Other Rules for Dating in College

Don't have your girlfriend talk to his best friend and find out how he feels about you or if he even knows who you are and or become best friends with his fraternity or the girl on his floor, or do favors for anyone he knows. (Don't waste your time. No one not even his best friend, can make him like you.)

Be Sensitive Without Losing Your Manhood

Being a sensitive man is not such a big thing. It certainly seems a bit complicated at first, but with a little practice, you'll be just fine. Just keep in mind those few stumbling points, and know how you plan to avoid them. If you can do that, you're headed for great things in your relationship. From the friendship of a relationship all the way up to the romance of it, sensitivity will serve you well as a guide toward how to treat that special lady. And remember, how you treat her is the basis for how she'll treat you.

Carbon Copies and Mirror Images

This unconscious mimicry is quite interesting to observe. Take for example, the two men standing at the hotel bar in Figure 134. They have mirrored each other's gestures and it is reasonable to assume that they are discussing a topic upon which they have the same thoughts and feelings. If one man uncrosses his arms and legs or stands on the other foot, the other will follow. If one puts his hand in his pocket, the other will copy and this mimicry will continue for as long as the two men are in agreement. This copying also occurs among good friends or people at the same status level and it is common to see married couples walk, stand, sit and move in identical ways. Scheflen found that people who are strangers studiously avoid holding mutual positions. The significance of carbon copying can be one of the most important non-verbal lessons we can learn, for this is one way that others tell us that they agree with us or like us. It is also a way for us to tell others that we like them, by...

The phase of physical contact

- An approach not leading to sex in a period between one-three meetings is almost probably something leading to friendship or to a neurotic relationship with a woman. If she does not agree to make love with you between the first and third meeting, dump her. Yes women will say a lot of bullshit about the importance of friendship , about opening up , about talking about everything BUT at the end of the day if you don't take her sexually, the primitive part of her classifies you as beta.

Attraction and Fulfillment An Introduction

Some argue that the ultimate aim of everything we do in life is to get more love. You could be reading this book because you want more love from women, more love from your friends (in the form of approval), or more love from yourself. Of those three, only one is directly under your control - the love you have for yourself. And generally speaking, having greater success with women won't make your friends like you any better (not the good friends in any case). And chances are that if you are not happy with yourself right now, no amount of success with women will ever make up for that. In fact, it only gets harder when you have what you thought would make you happy and still find happiness elusive. So make a decision right now to be comfortable in your own skin and to accept yourself completely exactly as you are right now. Why Because there is no time when it's not right now. Now is the only time. And true fulfillment can only come from sharing your...

Become the King of Your College

When young people come to college, most of them don't know each other, so sooner or later they will need to make friends or join an already established group. Usually it takes a few weeks for those friendship circles to be formed. After a few weeks, you will see many circles with 5 to 10 members in each group. During the first and second day of college people will be extremely friendly, because they will be nervous and anxious in the new environment, the new context in their life. Some of them will look lost, like sheep that have wandered from the flock. They will feel lonely and they will have an incredible urge to meet new people and make friends in order to remove the unpleasant feeling of isolation and aloneness. You can use this knowledge to make a difference in your own life. So over the course of 5-7 days, you can collect 6-10 girls into a social circle. Gather them together at regular intervals. Once they get together, and know each other (which should take one or two...

You Spent Too Much Time Talking To Her At The Beginning

Out that this has recently finished and want to make a move on her in the near future before someone else snaps her up. I've been 'cocky and funny' with her since we met, so that approach may be less effective than usual. Can you please give me some tips in how to take this further than just friendship.

Heres a basic outline for approaching someone initiating conversation and establishing rapport

It's very important that you extend your hand at a slight angle with palm up to initiate a female type handshake in which she will respond by extending her hand with palm angled down. This will usually prevent it from turning into a formal handshake where both your hands end up vertically meeting. A formal handshake points you into the direction of the friendship zone right from the start try your best to initiate a girl handshake.

It is sister

Although it doesn't always work, starting off with an honest statement doesn't hurt because friendships have to be honest not brutal just honest to qualify and to survive. Adult friendship is based on caring about someone because of, rather than in spite of, their warts, and the best way to have a friend is to be a friend. You don't have to be perfect to have a friend or be a friend. Just be flexible and loving and honest. If you're getting the idea that friendship is a great potential basis for romance bravo you're right. The only tricky part is chemistry. Take out your dating notebook (see Chapter 1) and answer yes or no to the following questions to find out whether you're ready to be and have a friendship with another adult. Keeping a notebook lets you see what you're doing, where you've been, and where you're going. Haven't started one yet Not to worry. You can buy a spiral notebook or a three-ring binder and start one now. Make this exercise one of your entries. You can see from...

Laughter Is Freedom

One of the most powerful tools for dissolving that pesky self-importance I.D. is to be able to LAUGH at yourself I have been practicing an interesting exercise every morning that a good friend put me onto recently. I wake up and the first thing I do is laugh. It starts off forced, a mere raspy chuckle, until I tap into something deep within and start to crack up. My roommates think I am nuts and they get pissed off that I wake them up like this all the

Pace and lead

From here, what I will do is say, LookI don't have a lot of time here (a bit of a takeaway which always makes you more appealing). And it's obvious that you are on the move too. But if you'll sit with me for 5 minutes, I'll analyze your handwriting. You'll get to learn secrets about yourself your best friends don't know and I'll get to find out if YOU are the kind of person I want to know better (here I'm structuring an opportunity and offering her a challenge).

Social Skills

In this section, we will cover the areas that you need to develop for better sociability. Men with more active social skills have always had more success with women in general. The good part about this is that even if you don't have active social skills, you can develop them fairly quickly and easily. Every man can. And remember that strong non-sexual relationships (friendships) are also the foundation of a balanced life, since they help you to feel more at ease when you enter a seduction situation. You're just more balanced overall.


But her marriage is not grounded in true love, trust, or friendship, and so it is doomed. Since sex has always been a bargaining chip to get what she wants from a man, she will cut it off almost immediately after the wedding. She has achieved her goals and no longer needs to lure the fish-she has hooked him and now it's time for dinner. Still, despite her coldness, she will continue to exact monetary tribute from her husband. Eventually he will tire of her frigidity and her consumption of his money and he will seek the company of other women who are still plying the tools of their trade. With his large income he will encounter no problems with attracting lovers-they've been practically hurling themselves at him all along, heedless of his marital vows. On her part, she can't comprehend the reason she's lost her attractiveness to her husband. Isn't she still the same sweet girl he married Her outrage begins to flame-she calls him a jerk and a bastard . She is furious because her...


Because you realize (maybe only instinctively if you haven't experienced it for yourself yet) that you will have to subject yourself to this unpleasant ordeal, you have chosen instead to steer all your relationships with women away from the Zone and towards the more easy to navigate territory of friendship. Friends can relate in a more tolerant, less emotionally exhausting manner right from the get-go. You can effectively short circuit all the difficult stuff and move straight along to the comfortable part of the relationship. Guys get themselves into all sorts of trouble thinking that they can sneak in the back door on a relationship by establishing a nice little comfortable friendship with a

Asking for a dance

How about when the girl you want to dance with is already dancing with somebody else Here's a trick by Vilius which might just work, especially if she is bored with him and he is only a clueless chump. Don't use it on a really good friend though, that just wouldn't be right. But as for the rest, here goes First of all you must be with a good sense of humour and not be afraid to be bad . You see your friend or an acquaintance (or any other clueless chump, doesn't really matter - tony) dancing with the chick you want. Just come to the pair and interrupt them by taking over the MALE partner and just start to dance with him. Usually, the chick won't go anywhere and it'll take just a couple of seconds to feel the rhytm. After some 30 seconds you can just turn around, grab the girl, gently pull her a few feet away and continue dancing with her. Easy, funny trick ) .

Explore The Unknown

If you are too broke to leave the country, you can start off small by visiting another city or state and then work your connections up to the international level. The general strategy here is to eventually make friends all over the world so you never pay for hotels and have a free tour guide to boot Living in a big city is great for this because you meet people from everywhere. But if you live in the burbs, then it's time to start making trips to the city and mingle, man. For those of you who are still struggling with meeting new people, try a DJ Boot Camp, check out my other thread on Destroying Social Phobias or do whatever it takes to kill that shyness. It is absolutely crucial for you to master your social skills for this. Rapport is the key to your travel dreams. Remember that it does not take long to instill a powerful bond within someone. Using sincerity, openness and humor, you can distort time and make 2 hours seem like they have known you for 20...

Time distortion

You just make up some bullshit fantasy that takes place in the future involving you and her and explain it to her. By the time you close, it's almost ridiculous because she FEELS LIKE she has known you for so long already because you have taken her mentally to the future and in order to understand that she has to IMAGINE KNOWING YOU FOR MONTHS. She has imagined that you are good friends and like each other and travel together etc. You should see the looks on their faces when you say so what's your number , they can't believe how close they feel to you and you don't even have their number )

Cultivating Rapport

The way to be sure not to induce familiarity with her is to treat her like a guy friend. You don't treat women as if they are male pals of yours, where you can slap her on the back, or belch in her presence. That's called treating her as if she was common. She still has to feel unique and special, and that your interest is not just in friendship.


The greeting hug has become a common ritual of bonding and friendship In many ways this gesture is an anomaly The torso closeness is a gesture we'd normally associate with the tightest of physical or emotional bonds and yet it's almost more common between vague business acquaintances than it is with social friends, lovers, and relatives


While Attraction is a physical sensation felt in the body, Rapport is written on the logical side of the brain and can last forever. It is not some fleeting emotion like Attraction. It is permanent. Look at the friendships you've built in your life through rapport they last for a long, long time unless something dramatic causes them to end.

Man On The Street

No matter what they say, all women have a hidden agenda. You can be just friends with a girl and split the bill, but the minute that friendship were to cross the line over into sex, she'll start demanding payment and you alone will be expected to pick up the check. Women always require money for sex.

In Her Promptly

Timing is everything when it comes to seduction. Too much too soon is no good -- still there exists a window of opportunity during which time you must act and show some sort of romantic desire or you will either be dumped or given the 'just friends' treatment. Trust me, being dumped is better. The buddy fate is just a pointless prolongation of the inevitable that will tease you with the idea that you can somehow turn your friendship into a love affair but it will never come to pass.

Confidence is Vital

Confident men generally make better lovers, too. A man who feels stable in his work, relationships and friendships tends to feel more sure of himself in the bedroom. This works wonders in seducing a woman. A man who comes across as confident is much more likely to make a woman feel comfortable with him and is more likely to respond positively to his advances. Not to mention the fact that knowing that you have what it takes to please a woman makes you a more self assured lover who will be less reserved and more passionate.

The Charmer Method

This last technique, unlike the previous methods, does not rely on sleight of tongue or verbal acrobatics. It works because you openly offer concessions, manifest a willingness to listen, and validate your prospect's beliefs. Your prospect has a free choice to decide. You do not cloud his mind with verbal mists. Of all the techniques discussed, it is the most ethical. Additionally, it takes the longest to carry out, but it can produce lasting relationships. Like the previous systems, this method is also devastatingly effective. Mastery of this method can lead to satisfying friendships as well as giving you what you want.

What to talk about

Is she an only child, or does she have sisters or brothers If she could choose, would she choose differently Did she have a lot of friends in high school How many friends does she have these days Is friendship important to her, and is she good at keeping in touch with friends and relatives 3. Talk about her friends. How would her friends describe her behind her back Has she ever been very disappointed because of a friend betraying her Does she believe in true friendship, and are there many people whom she would consider to be real friends

Blind Dates

1 Rule 1 Know the intent of the person who's fixing you up. If your mom wants you to meet her friend's son who doesn't get out much, ask Mom whether she's met the dude and whether going out with him is likely to help or hurt her friendship if the two of you don't hit it off. If your best friend wants you to meet this great woman who just moved into his building, ask yourself what your friend's taste in women is like. Are you willing to give it a try Before you do, be sure to follow Rule 2.

The Patterns

But the natural woman that's the woman right there at the core where you keep your most exciting memories where you ponder fantasies daydreams amazing possibilities the things you'd do if no one were watching and no one even your best friends would ever, ever know about Assuming Friendship


Razor505, direct contribution First you always wait for her to bring up the difference (you must know the difference i.e. 15, 17 years whatever). Second listen to whatever she says at this point feed it back to her, then tell her Look, you don't have to imagine how either way it goes we both win, right (keep talking dont give her a chance to respond) I mean if we just become good friends we win right (don't give her a chance to respond) or if we become more we still win right (keep going) or if we go each our own ways we still win right And instanly ask something about her. It is very important to say all this as off hand as you can.

Youve Lost a Friend

Friendship is a totally different deal than dating (although the best long-term dating situations are based on liking as well as being turned on by someone), but any kind of loss is a bad rationale for dating. If your friend moved away, join a club to stay busy and meet new people. See whether an acquaintance


Let us say a guy got heartbroken by a girl. The girl suddenly likes the guy again. So she goes after him. The two go out. Yet, he says he does not want to get back together again, but she feels something differently from his eyes. When they depart, he gives her a friendly kiss and says they would make good friends. She feels something quite different in that kiss.


A friendship was formed, which grew, despite their 30-odd year age difference, into a very trusting friendship. And being a trusted friend of the theatre director, meant Lee was given a role in every play the theatre put on. This strained the friendship between Lee and Derek, and eventually, Lee stopped hanging out with Derek completely. Fortunately, this was at a time when Lee and Derek wee still fairly good friends, so Lee was in a play for the Base theatre. And as luck would have it, the rules allowed for Lee to go to rehearsals and do the performances, as this was considered a function of benefit toward the Base. So while thee was no way Lee could get out of 2 weeks of extra duty, Lee DID get out of having to do it on rehearsal nights and nights the theatre had a performance. Plus, this meant Lee got out of having to do unit restriction. After around 4 or 5 months of being in Germany, Lee got to know a fellow solder named Bartelink. They hung out, became good friends and, on one...

Hitting the Clubs

Decent dance skills are a MUST Take some classes, or do what I did and make friends with dancers and learn by observation mimicking. Practice at home in your undies (a la Risky Business ) Oh, and its not gay if you buy a full-length mirror to perfect those moves all professional dancers do it. Whatever you do, make sure you dont fall into the zone of the two-step Wanker Shuffle, You know, those guys that only step from side-to-side all night long. Learn to do some turns, twist those hips to the beat, VARY your movements because dancing is a sexual analogy. Many girls read this as

Fun and games

An old trick, you can also use it with or without the GM technique. ASF Tell the girl that you will bet her a dollar (or a drink is nice) that you can kiss her without using your lips or your tongue. Girls usually think (know) that your up to something, so sometimes it takes a little convincing to get them to take the bet. They will take it about 1 3 of the time. If the girl is a good friend and she doesn't take the bet, say Ok. Fine Just check out this trick I learned you can use it to make money off people, then play it off like your doing her a favour by showing her this (Trust me you are). Then if she accepts the bet or you offer to show her the trick do this Say Ready Watch this Then move in like you are going to kiss her on the lips. Ok this is fucking important. When you reach the point of no return you absolutely MUST lay the smoothest and I mean the smoothest smack on her she has ever experienced. Then say God Damn you're a good kisser I guess I owe you a...

The FK Method

A genius came up with this mnemonic (not me). Sometimes, remembering the entire body language alphabet can be overwhelming. This mnemonic lets you remember the most vital gestures that allow receptivity and openness. Deployed before any conversation, these body language gestures create the proper ambiance for friendship. Once you get the hang of it, play this game wherever you go. Approach people in the bank while waiting in line. Chatter with the receptionist at the hotel. You'll make friends in high and low places. Contacts are invaluable. This first step entails taking an active stance. Once you diminish passive behaviour towards meeting new people, not only will your number of friends increase, so will your confidence and ego.

The Male To Do List

Yes, you will be denied sex-there's no getting around this. The very second you expose a woman's con or refuse to bow down to her Pussy Power, she will fly into a rage. The absolute worst thing that can happen to a woman is the loss of her ability to control a man's pocketbook. So when you stop dancing to her tune, you will be cut off. But don't worry, this can only last for the short term, because when women are forced to act like normal human beings, they will realize that they need men as much as men need them, and that is the road to relationships based on friendship and trust.

On Masculinity

I draft three women, you, you, and YOU. Since we know that women want different things, we shall split them in three as well. Some women want to find someone to marry- that is YOU. Some women want to sleep with, to sh g- that is YOU. Then there are women who are just looking for friendship- yes, YOU. From the different spectrums of confidence, from the eight mixes of Courage, Professionalism, and Altruism, we will see where you stand and what this marvel confidence is and the composition of a true man. One-night stand or affair eighth Long-term relationship eighth Friendship eighth One-night stand or affair sixth Long-term relationship seventh Friendship seventh One-night stand or affair seventh Long-term relationship sixth Friendship fifth One-night stand or affair third Long-term relationship fifth Friendship fifth One-night stand or affair fourth Long-term relationship fourth Friendship fourth Friendship third One-night stand or affair fifth Long-term relationship second Friendship...

Social status

I know that the United States pretends that it has no class system. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. The good news about class in this society is that it doesn't go back very far, probably only a couple of hundred years, opposed to other countries where it goes back thousands of years. The idea that somebody comes from a completely different background socioeconomically than you do and has been in that situation for generation after generation very well may influence how you view friendships, vacation, money, child rearing, naming of your children, and traditions. The notion that money is the great leveler even more so than love is the stuff of media pipe dreams, but the notion doesn't work very well once the cameras stop rolling. However, be aware that people have all sorts of different expectations depending on their socioeconomic background. I am not suggesting that people from different socioeconomic backgrounds not marry, but understand that there are going to be...

No No No No No

I really care about our friendship and don't want to mess that up I've also been involved with a women for four years and although the sex is great, deep down we both know we aren't going anywhere. It gets worse because she is a good friend now and a companion. She also helps me clean the house up and has one of my keys. I just don't know what to do David. I don't expect you to reply to this e-mail but if you do, thanks for all the tips. For all the other guys out there - listen to this man -he knows what he's talking about.

Eye Blink Rate

Women are not immune from scanning over men of interest. While women are not as overt as men, these fleeting glances do occur. This is why a good friend or wingman is important to assist you by cataloguing which woman are sending eye shots in your direction. Clearly, Scarlett is casting a stare at Dave's buttocks, but this glance will be so quick it will be barely perceivable to anyone not aware of her interest.


Often, a lady asks, If I get fat, my Pooky Wooky, will you still love me And I reply, My dear, Aristotle defines love as founding friendship on beauty. If there is no beauty to base friendship on, then, according to Aristotle, there can be no love. And what can she say to that

Mr Smooth technique

Praise and commend your W ( he's my best friend , we've been best friends for years , he's a great guy , captain of the football team etc) 3. I'm sure we shall all become very good friends once we all get to know each other a little more better 12. Praise what just took place That felt was really good pleasant fantastic, didn't wasn't it ) , Its really good, that we get along with each other so well that we are such good friends ) .

Friends Reunited

Some last thoughts and tips specifically on friendships However close your friends are, there is one huge difference between them and your family, and that is the issue of unconditional love or bonding Although families can and do split up, blood relatives tend to stay with you forever . Not so with friends, which is why you should never take them for granted . Remember that great set of close pals you had at your last job What happened when you or they moved on No matter how many work colleagues swear to stay in touch, it's commonly found that they will lose touch once the common bond (the job) no longer exists . Childhood friendships are often lost by marriage, and a huge modern problem is one of property or career moves taking people off to live abroad It helps to analyze your friendships to discover what works, why it works, and how to cherish it rather than taking it for granted I A key ingredient of bonding with friends is image and body language For comfort and animal security...

Body Language

- Use touch to express your sensual interest, but with discretion. You never touch her breasts, her butt, or any other part of her body that could be misinterpreted as too forward too soon. You should touch her lightly and on parts of her body that are neutral, such as her arms, her shoulder, or the top of her back. You use touch to make it clear to her that you aren't looking at her as just another friendship possibility - you have romantic designs for her. (We'll cover using touch to seduce her when we get to Kinaesthetics.)

Stepping Back

Along this progression, you must be dancing the steps I told you about - two forward, one back two forward, one back. This way you will be building up her attraction, yet never coming on too strong. Now, these steps that you take forward must always be in proportion to the attraction between you. If you are with a cautious and slower moving woman, your steps will be shorter and slower. If she is much more open and willing, your steps will be longer and bolder. Whatever you do, you must keep the progression of your romantic interests out front. Another potential trap is when a guy starts to date a woman and he lets off the accelerator for fear of creating discomfort. He stops teasing and starts getting serious. Soon afterwards, he senses that things are rapidly de-escalating into a friendship instead of a romance. Keep moving forward

Empower your Voice

Even when I had something interesting to say, people would ignore me because my voice was weak and nasally. I knew something was wrong with me, but it took the help of one of my good friends, who is an actor, to pinpoint the problem. He taught me this simple yet effective exercise that transformed my voice from dud to stud.

Alpha Socialization

Don't make the mistake of neglecting your friendships, especially when you do find yourself a relationship with a woman. Too often men focus too much on the woman they're with, not maintaining healthy ties to their friends. Especially their male friends. Some of the reasons you'll want to keep your friendships and social network

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