A tellfree zone

Please remember what I said on previous pages, that self-marketing is not about "tell " Although you should make it a rule to never talk yourself down, making yourself bigger verbally sounds shallow and desperate I was once monitoring a Big Brother housemate whose cries of "I'm a really nice girl" and "I don't normally moan like this, I'm normally fun!" were getting louder and more frequent just as her behavior was getting so unpleasant that everyone began to dislike her

"Show" is the thing, then Remember, one of the core learning phrases in this book is "show, don't tell," and like all charismatic people you're going to show everyone just how good you are via the medium of body language

The behaviors you're about to learn are not "pick and mix . " Once you start doing them you're going to do them all the time, but that's okay because doing them all the time will make them easier, whereas turning them on and off will make them a performance that will be hard to make look congruent

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