Affect DoNt Be Affected

The first few people you see when you walk into your workplace are not responsible for your mood for the rest of the day Some receptionists and security guards are not fresh from charm school and many make it their life's work to take out their own inadequacies on the rest of the world Always go into "holding" mode with your body language . Keep your facial expression polite and friendly. Other people's moods are of no interest to your body language performance Find out their name and greet them by using it Never stop to talk, though There is a law of human dynamics that states the more miserable and rude front-line staff are the harder employees to cheer up . Don't try . It's a waste of effort. Employ holding mode and move on

I How not to leak: Never show impatience or anxiety gestures en route to your desk Looking at your watch as you wait in the line for reception will only let everyone know you're late, also that you have a lower-status job where arrival time matters Never complain about the weather with your face Pretend in your head that you love every season and walk in wearing that expression Never use moaning as a bonding device Your key body language leakage points here could be: a sour expression on your face, shoulders raised upward through stress of journey, lining up at reception like a caged animal, pacing and eyes scanning about for escape, ditto at the elevator, using elevator or reception time to start work by phoning or texting or opening your laptop This will let everyone know you're badly organized . Never be seen doing work outside of your workspace; it's bad PR.

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