Aggressive hand gestures

We use a lot of aggressive signals during the average day, often without realizing it Most of them will occur as a result of suppressed aggression or frustration, but they are visible to the naked eye and will be received as purveyors of ritualized combat or fight intentions .

Aggressive gestures appear when your system goes into a state of aggressive arousal. For most humans there's no follow through or even desire to follow through A gang of fans going to a football game might well set out for the day with the objective of giving rival fans a good beating, but few commuters board the subway checking to see that they've packed their brass knuckles and can of Mace along with their BlackBerry Aggressive behavior in the workplace is just as rife as that at football games but it tends to be suppressed, masked, or displaced . Workers often find that their way of coping with daily frustrations can involve things like slamming down phones, talking with sarcasm, chewing pens, or even getting into conflict at home

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