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The image you project is especially vital to your job . Do you ever feel invisible or see your voice, ideas, and potential getting lost because your communications fail to meet their target audience? Communication frustration is a common business disease, which is why using your body language as a tool to get ahead is more important than ever before . When no one is listening to your words, why not let your body do the talking for you?

We always hear that size isn't important, yet when it comes to modern business it's nevertheless king Companies rate size as a measure of success and are therefore expanding like never before When I train managers I'm often asked how they can spot signs of stress or conflict in their teams The problem they have is that their teams are so large they rarely get to see them, except when they have time to walk the job or when they have a crisis meeting

To get on in big business then, you have to first get the attention of the people who count and then present yourself positively and as quickly as possible, often in short sharp bites . For many workers this has led to an ongoing sales-pitch culture with the articles on sale being the workers themselves Self-marketing is currently a popular corporate subject while "keeping your head down and doing your job well" is not .

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