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Of course, most of these tips have focused on the very simplest style of interview, but modern businesses often like to turn the recruitment interview into a bit of an epic . You could be interviewed by a large panel, in which case do remember to use eye contact on all of them, having first addressed your answer to the person who asked it Some panel members might not appear to participate very much but that's no reason to ignore them

Your interview could involve call-backs, walk-the-jobs, and a mini-induction . Sometimes any or all of these visits can seem relaxed and informal, but please don't be fooled—whenever you're on the premises you're being monitored I've seen candidates get through the formal interview stage but let themselves down by cracking jokes and larking around on a walk-the-job or displaying a lack of basic manners when they're eating in the break room during lunch

Key occasions like recruitment interviews call for effort and planning . Think how much depends on your performance and then decide how much time you feel you can donate to helping yourself succeed . Be like an actor going out on stage: don't just rehearse and memorize your lines, but work on your appearance, posture, and movements as well

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