Sexual attraction will often produce blushing . This can feel like hell if you're the one with a face like a furnace, but it can make you more attractive to your potential mate Blushing signals shyness, which in turn suggests virtue and innocence, but at the same time it also mimics the facial flush that occurs during orgasm. Get out the blusher!

eye Buzz

When you see someone you find attractive your instinctive desire will be to gaze and appraise This prolonged, first-glance eye contact is one of the strongest flirt signals in your repertoire By extending your gaze for one second more than the normal time you'll be telling your potential mate a lot of very complex information to do with sex and romance Modern manners tell us it's rude to stare so you'll probably alternate a prolonged gaze with a dropping of the head and the eyes, followed by the secondary glance upward at the other person This second glance will confirm your interest in him or her as a sexual partner

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