Body language rules rule 3 be prepared to get out of your comfort zone

And here's the rub: by choosing to change your body language signals you will be tip-toeing outside your comfort zone Awareness of your own movement creates a good deal of discomfort in itself. Recognizing that some of the things you currently do make you look like a bit of a jerk doesn't make for happy thoughts, either . And pushing your body through changes will make going back to a state of blissful ignorance and unconscious error very, very tempting

But here's the thing: if you're prepared to shelve your dreams and goals in life for the sake of a little physical discomfort you're a wuss What we're talking about here is a different kind of sick note They are the sick notes you send to yourself to give you reasons for quitting In essence they'll sound much the same as the "why I broke my diet" or "why I had that cigarette after I'd decided to give them up" sick notes, all mainly trivial stuff that sounds even more trivial in retrospect

So here's the deal: if you want to make excuses to yourself about why you should go on producing low-impact or poor-quality body language messages that could well be sinking your career and your love life, then you're an idiot and a sissy and you need to put this book down right now and go back to The Lady or The Idiot's Guide to Cross-stitch or something because we're about to part company at this juncture

It might occur to you that I'm sounding a bit bossy right now . If so, you're absolutely right . What else did you expect? Would you hire personal fitness trainers and then tell them you don't want to put in any physical exertion to get fit? Or tell Jillian Michaels that you didn't mind losing weight as long as you didn't have to give up your ten-burgers-a-day habit? Bossy is entirely appropriate at this stage of the book Once you start to show you can work hard and once your body language begins to improve I'll start to sound nicer and we can be friends

This chapter has shown how you are judged by other people, and how you're analyzed subliminally . This has alerted you to the reasons why it's so important for you to make appropriate changes to your body language "state " You've also been motivated into moving forward! And remember—no sick notes!

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