BoDY LANGuAGE RuLEs RuLE 6 Keep PractiCiNG

It's normal to look stiff at this stage of the exercise . If you look relaxed I'd suspect you're not trying as hard as you could . Remember you're changing something you've been doing nearly all your life Keep going, though, and the work will be worth it, I promise Your body will suddenly get it and the walk will look great It won't take ten years, more like ten minutes or maybe a few sessions lasting ten minutes each. Oh, by the way, relax those fingers; they look too rigid!

Learning your Power Pose and your pole positions has been an easy way to create a sound base for all the rest of your body language work Whatever else you learn as you read this book you should never suffer from neural pruning (dropping something you've learned to make room when you learn something new) when it comes to these two basic ways of holding yourself Getting these right is like putting the best gasoline in your car or the right food-fuel in your body Take a few seconds each morning to look in the mirror to get your Power Pose right, then reboot at work when you feel yourself drooping

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