Body Language Rules Rule 7 Show Dont Tell

This is a golden rule for all your body language performances

Words are about telling but your body language is all about showing It's a bit like sex Anybody who tells you they are a good lover isn't. How do I know? Because they felt the need to tell you Someone really hot in bed would just let their technique do the talking . When they tell you, they're projecting what they want you to tell them .

It's the same thing with businesses: "We're customer-focused," "We always exceed expectations," "I'm a people person"; or housemates on Big Brother: "I'm really funny," "I'm always entertaining," "I'm a really nice person. " This is all tell, tell, tell And when they're given the chance to prove their statement? Guess what, they're rubbish

By showing, you offer proof You can't tell people you're friendly and warm if your body language is saying "I'm a sociopath " However, you could just keep quiet, smile in a friendly way, and use open gestures, and they'll soon be telling you what a nice, decent sort of person you are and how much they want to be your friend

Showing is a body language thing, then Your overall signals will take care of the showing Your hand gestures and eye contact will act as endorsements to your message

Now: a guide to body language excellence . It's basic but it's easy to do Any time used will be time invested but I don't expect it to break into your day too much

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