Body Language Types

Psychometric testing is still very hot in the business world If you haven't been "done" yet, all you need to know is that it normally takes the form of a series of questions that you answer about yourself, which are repeated so often that it's very difficult to lie . Your answers are then correlated and you are placed into a behavior category . There are usually three or four categories and you will then be told how you will behave in most scenarios

I've created a similar form of typecasting for your body language While stereotyping is usually a bad thing, this identification of your own style of bodytalk will be valuable because it will enable you to flex it when you want to communicate effectively with others In the workplace it's this flexing that will become one of your greatest tools for persuading and influencing

First you need to discover your current style of bodytalk . Then you can learn to identify other styles and see how to lock into them to be more effective with the person you're meeting This is a very powerful tool, but, like every other tip in this book, it requires subtlety and practice . If you're caught changing your style too obviously you could come across as desperately insincere

Are you a Mover, Performer, Empathizer, or Analyst? Read through the following profiles and see if your face fits

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