Do you bow? You probably think not . Bowing sounds ├╝ber formal and rather outdated, the kind of thing you'd be asked to do if you were introduced to a royal Bowing is a very important facet of Asian greetings, with the amount and depth of the bow signifying status and importance . I bet you also bow on a regular basis, but without realizing it

When we meet and greet there's often a tendency to offer a mini bow, that is, a slight dipping of the head or leaning forward to diminish height Where the bow is exaggerated it will register strong compliance, especially if the face is lowered, but often it will be performed in an attempt to look charming . In business, the bow can also look cynical Women are often shorter than guys, and by dipping their height as they're introduced, men can emphasize the woman's lack of inches while still managing to look gallant . However, it's probably better not to . A more obvious version of the bow intended as gallantry would be the back-of-hand kiss While he was in office, President Jacques Chirac of France was a serial hand-kisser, but the gesture always teetered between charming and chauvinist It was horrible to watch female heads of state forced to blush prettily as he did it He famously did not give British politician Margaret Beckett a hand kiss once and it had to make you wonder why

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