Business power signals

Most offices have two clear leaders: the man or woman with the job title that includes the word "manager" and the person everyone knows is really in charge Being a manager is not the same as being a leader I've met some good managers in business but very few good leaders Leadership is all about "being" rather than "doing," and a key quality of what makes a good leader is charisma .

There are charismatic figures in most large colonies You'll remember them at school and you'll have seen them in the workplace They're very rarely the boss Sometimes their job will be borderline mundane, but they'll be the ones with the natural status in your workplace group

These are the colleagues who have alpha power signals They exude confidence, dominate space and territory and have voice and speech patterns that make people listen when they talk

Then there are the workers who try to impose their status by active visual displays Lacking a natural ability to command respect, they Power Posture to the point where they either look ridiculous, like Dwight on The Office, or they become hated for being aggressive and bossy

Throwing your weight around is a risky business, as without a compliant response the Power Posturer will lose face This will often lead to intensified Power Posturing or a kind of "do it because I said so" transaction where the only winner will be the one who doesn't have to back down

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