Can produce irregular breathing I Their torso is turned toward you

I Feet pointed in your direction. Feet do tend to gesture desired direction During difficult meetings I've seen many feet pointed toward the door! I They perform speech pause signals when you speak, like placing a finger across their lips . This should mean they're keen to allow you to speak, which ought to mean interest .

But only if the finger is bent or relaxed . If it's rigid they might be judgmental . I They keep even eye contact when they're listening to you. This shouldn't be exaggerated or overly performed, though Their eye expression should look relaxed I Their eyebrows are slightly raised . Slight arching is a sign of "tell me more . " I Their lips remain relaxed, not tightly closed or sucked in. I If you're closing a sale, expect to see an increase of anxiety signals prior to agreement This can include fiddling, edginess, nail biting, rapid breathing, lip licking, face touching, and so on This can be misleading but it is a common part of the agreement process . Once the decision to buy has been made you will then see an explosion of relief signals, like laughing and smiling

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