Celebrity charismatic types


A perfect example of chief-executive-style charismatic leadership signals Clinton is at his charismatic best one-to-one where he uses intense listening signals like eye contact, undivided attention, and postural echo to make the person he meets feel touched by something special .


Since she's taken her own place in the political arena, Hillary has abandoned the submissive female posturing and adopted military signals of charismatic leadership instead She rarely carries a bag, but rather stands upright with her arms down by her sides . When she speaks it's usually just her head moving . This gives the impression of confidence and emotional strength . Unlike her husband's signals, these work best to large groups


Her charismatic signals came from a blend of a naturally regal bearing combined with the use of postural echo or body language mirroring, plus the constant employment of tie-signs . This made her seem regal, special, and accessible, which is a potent blend Her posture was always impeccable, but she flexed her body language communication style to create empathy with anyone she spoke to Plus she would dip her head but raise her eyes and use a small suppressed smile This made her audience feel like a friend she was sharing a joke with


Tom creates his own aura of red-carpet charisma via several very careful techniques Firstly, there is the intriguing blend of uniqueness combined with accessibility He has all the trappings of high status and A-list celebrity, always dressing smartly with a dazzling smile and usually a much taller, younger, and very beautiful female partner at his side, who he appears to choreograph using a series of well-timed body pats But then he spends exaggeratedly long periods of time meeting and greeting the crowd, posing for photos, and even speaking to relatives on the other end of the phone Former Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to ape this technique, using the phone pictures and phone chats trick in an attempt to create a similar sense of celebrity charisma


Like Greta Garbo before her, Jackie created a very potent version of enigmatic charisma She was a political wife in the days when submissive signals were the norm and her ability to remain effectively a silent movie star for the rest of her life meant people could adore her without fear of being let down by any verbal messaging When a character combines beauty and class with a remote silence they allow the audience to project any amount of saintlike or magical qualities on to them


David is a very obvious example of sporting charisma In many ways this type of charisma goes with the territory—as kids at school we were all impressed with the uniqueness of anyone who could achieve greatness in the sporting arena . Being a world-class sportsman or woman only magnifies that effect David's body language also manages to do what it says on the packet; with his raised chin, one-eyebrow frown, eye fixed on the horizon, and undeniable good looks, he epitomizes the type of manly hero you'd see in any kids' comics

Business charisma might seem like a lot of hard work, particularly when you're busy or under pressure in your job However, what you've read in this chapter really only amounts to a few simple but effective body language and image tricks that will more than pay back the brief and often one-off effort. Never underestimate the power of your visual impact—get it right and you could find you're doing less work for more money!

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