Changing your state

You can use your posture to motivate, invigorate, uplift and even nourish yourself The Power Pose you're about to do will make you look better, feel healthier, and grow in confidence and self-esteem It's an instant body language make-over

Let's take a look at your "normal" posture How do you normally stand or sit? I Are you straight-backed or stooped? I Do you pull your shoulders forward in a self-protective gesture or stretch your chest wide, looking confident or confrontational? I How do you stand or sit when you're under pressure? Does your posture become more compliant or more arrogant? Do you curl up or does your chest widen out?

I How do you stand or sit when you're tired or depressed? Do you slump more? Do you lie with your knees pulled up?

Power Posing is part of the technique called changing your state By looking more confident you'll start to feel more confident Body language affects your emotional and mental well-being hugely It's hard to look positive and feel down at the same time The latest psychological thinking states that putting your best face forward is much more important than previously thought . We're now told that actually putting on a "best face" of the type you'd use with strangers when you're trying to be polite is really good for you! It makes you feel better! The act is self-prophesying! What you look like is what you feel

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