Dealing with partners and ex-partners can be a cinch compared with all those other relationships in our lives. Did you ever take time to consider your own body language signals when you're with parents, siblings, other relatives, or friends? We tend to expect a form of unconditional love from most of these people in our lives, often basking in the knowledge that these are the people we can truly "be ourselves" with, letting the social and/or workplace mask slip or drop with an almost audible sigh of relief.

Having relationships with people who know you well and who have seen you grow up, so they have a pretty accurate grasp of most facets of your personality, makes us feel comfortable and secure. However, it can also make us complacent, and complacency can lead to misunderstandings that cause rifts, rows, and conflict.

Although you might save your prime performance moments, in body language terms, for lovers and people who have a direct effect on your career or bank balance, it's just as vital to take steps to analyze and maximize your social or home "performances," too . This chapter looks at the complex nature of those relationships and shows you some simple steps to help maintain or improve them

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