Chapter Twelve

There's really no denying the effect your body language techniques will have in the workplace . As businesses get bigger and communications less personal, the cult of "dead communication" is rife . Sadly, electronic dependence plus a whole raft of politically correct rules and a terror of litigation has knocked the stuffing out of business in terms of individualism and personality . It does sometimes seem that really charismatic leaders, people willing to take risks to be brilliant, or people who can inspire, motivate, amuse, or entertain by force of personality alone are as rare as hen's teeth, particularly in the bigger companies I visit many workplaces in the space of a year and not only is it hard to tell one from another in terms of image and culture—no matter what their business is—but it's also increasingly difficult to tell the employees apart . I suffer from déjà vu when I visit, most often when I go to a company that I've never been in before . The people look and act the same; there are the same jobs and the same roles, and the same spouting of business terms and jargon .

I'm not saying the people I meet are boring, it's just that today's workplace environment has cast a patina of dullness over everything Even media offices like magazines and newspapers have been made grey, sterile wastelands It's as though we're being asked to take our personalities and bury them somewhere inside ourselves while we sit staring at screens all day Color, texture, noise, expressed anger or excitement or pleasure have all been sucked away and no one seems to have noticed

Years ago an "office job" was just one of many career options, but thanks to the computer we're all office workers now Your doctor sits staring blankly at her screen while you recite your medical problems, and she will probably point you in the direction of a website to get more information on your illness Plumbers visit clutching a laptop The police spend more time logging info into their computers than they do chasing crime, and even at-home workers like myself end up sitting in front of a grey- or beige-framed screen with a cursor beating like a robotic pulse

We've become a world of backs of heads Once it only used to be taxi drivers who would ask me to analyze their body language, despite the fact that I could only see half a skull from the back seat. Now I walk into open-plan offices and get asked "What did you think of them?" when all I am looking at is a sea of hunched shoulders and backs of heads

This part of the book is all about bringing personal qualities like charisma and charm back into the workplace Why is this so important? What's the immediate benefit to you of indulging in a charisma offensive? I Because the ability to have impact and influence and to persuade, inspire, and motivate will increase your work effectiveness by 100 percent . I Because you will be creating and defining your own workplace image rather than letting other people perceive you in a random way that has more to do with feedback, assumptions, whispered discussions, and misunderstandings than real skills, abilities, and talent I Because we've all been in or seen a situation where talented people have been passed over for promotions because they have been judged by the way they look and how they behave in their current roles rather than having their potential for responsibility, status, and leadership recognized. I Because business is always very time-poor and if you don't make an effect right away you may not get another chance

I'm aware that time poverty affects your working life, too Because you're busy, I've used as many lists and bullet points as I can to make sure there are valuable tips you can read at a glance . We've all picked up business self-help books that are so long-winded you know from page one you'll never make the time or even work up the motivation to get through them . So this rant of an introduction is as wordy as I'm going to get And if you like your mission statements, here's one I prepared earlier to describe all the things that will benefit you from the following section: I This chapter will boost your impact, raise your profile, and help sell you in ways you've never been sold before I You'll be shown how to make the best impression with the least effort

I You'll learn how to sell, motivate, persuade, influence, mingle, and network

I You'll know how to do business presentations and business meetings I And how to lead or manage.

I There will also be techniques for front-line staff to help provide genuine customer care that works

So, sink in. Pick out the bits you need or read through the whole lot; either way it will only take a few moments but could transform your whole life!

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