Charisma for beginners

It's so easy to be charismatic at work that I always wonder why more people don't try it For a start there's so little competition or comparison that you'll probably have a clear run at it . Sometimes even smiling or using eye contact will make you stand out from the herd By upping your charisma by as little as 5 percent you'll probably be streets ahead . Read this, then, and you'll clean up .

By the way, I'm not suggesting for one minute that you shouldn't be good at your job . All these charismatic techniques are intended to sit on top of your talent like advertising and marketing sits on top of a good product It's just that I meet a lot of people in the workplace who have loads of talent but never achieve recognition, plus a lot of people who are struggling, conscientious, and hardworking who also never really obtain greatness The point is you need to market yourself

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