Closing the deal

It's no coincidence that the most popular first date is a meal for two in a cozy restaurant, or that there will be some form of dancing together prior to actual sex Although several signals of attraction will be aimed at patterns of behavior that have existed since your childhood (simply put, we can tend to be more attracted to people who resemble our opposite-sex parent in many subtle or more obvious ways) or mating potential and the production of healthy stock (nice teeth, hair, and body shape, for example) or even the ability to protect (good bank balance or muscles), we will also be correlating information about bedroom behavior In the early days of a relationship it can be considered brash to make verbal inquiries: "Do you like to dominate?" "Are you into gentle or rough sex?" "Is your technique professional or are you inexperienced?" "Will you be generous or self-centered?" but by watching a potential partner attack a plate of food or get boogying away on the dance floor there might be a barrel load of information that we can tune into

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