Creating the perfect face

Does the idea of working on your facial expressions make you feel vain or false? Actors have to invent and hone facial expressions all the time and in many ways, and as we've seen in this chapter, we're all actors when we put on a face that will go out and greet the world. In UK culture, falseness is one of the worst accusations you can level at anyone . This shows up on a regular basis in the Big Brother house, where housemates will happily employ all types of bad or antisocial behavior but insist they're better than other housemates because "I'm just being myself. " So anyone struggling to sustain the basic life rituals of looking polite, positive, and sociable is instantly seen as false and untrustworthy

The perfect facial expression then should be registering your ideal projected image However, it should also look genuine . Why? Because we fear what we can't understand. One clue to why George W . Bush achieved a second term in office could be because he has what appears to be a very open facial expression You might not like what he stands for, but all those fleeting expressions seem to give total access to his thoughts We even saw how lousy his masking was when he was whispered the news of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11. His face froze as his brain appeared to stall

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