Dancing is probably the nearest thing to sex, which is why being a very bad dancer can be a huge turn-off Although women will have an instinctive aversion for men who dance like a dad, they also have a deep distrust of men who twirl around the floor with too much conviction The first will imply poor sexual technique and choreography and the second will suggest vanity and a little too much experience

Merely displaying an ability to move to the beat of the music is often sufficient to impress as it suggests passable choreography and an ability to tune into external rhythms, which is why many young women's hearts sank when they saw Prince William clapping woefully out of time at the concert for Princess Diana Hopefully there was a delay on the timing between the music being played and the image hitting the screen, although that wouldn't explain how Harry and the rest of the royal box seemed able to keep to the beat we were hearing at home

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