Dont be coy about the fact that youre selling something I

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think there's very little that's worse than the "I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't recommend you open this new account" line they take in building societies, or the "Can you spare time for a survey?" approach that masks a hard sell If you're annoyed about selling whatever it is then they should rightly be annoyed about buying. How bad can a product or service be that even the salesperson doesn't want to admit they're selling it?

2. Create rapport. And if you think you create rapport by overuse of a person's first name or a "best friend" tone to your voice, you're wrong The process of sales rapport is not the same as making a new best friend

I've described the skills of body language rapport in other chapters and the rules don't change when you're selling Remember the values you're trying to promote: I Enthusiasm I Honesty I Knowledge I Marginally lower status

So, here's a list of things to keep in mind when you're selling:

I Never treat your customer as someone to score points off . Lay off the power shake and the alpha body language signals

I Use eye contact to show honesty, but don't overdo it .

I Mirror their body language in terms of pace and posture — but do it subtly!

I Pace yourself — it's good to look calm. Avoid nervous body language rituals or self-comfort rituals Drop your shoulders and breathe out

I Avoid overcongruence. It is the enemy of honesty .

I Drop a few points to win a few . If you admit to small losses or negatives now and again, people will be prepared to believe your positives

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