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The really good news for you is that I will give you some easy tweaking tips that will have a huge effort versus reward ratio, meaning you'll make some seemingly small changes with a hugely positive and potentially life-changing effect I always claim that most politicians are only two body language tweaks away from looking human; it's just that either nobody seems to give them advice or they choose not to take it

Most of my trainees turn up with worrying problems, like years of being passed over for promotion, being ignored at business meetings, or getting feedback from their manager that their personal impact is negligible You might think it would take months of counseling and coaching to create changes in their behavior that are profound enough to have an effect, but not a bit of it Often it's embarrassingly easy to pick out where they're going wrong

Take a guy I was coaching from the food industry, who wanted to have more impact with his customers . Although he communicated quite well, I noticed that when he mentioned any of his products his voice dropped. He even referred to his products as "units . " He also used what is called a very telling micro-gesture, by which I mean his facial features changed into something like an expression of disgust or dislike when he referred to them He was totally unaware of all this nonverbal signaling . The client would also have been unaware, but only consciously Subconsciously the message received would have been that the product was crap By coaching him to lose the facial micro-gesture and to mime something related to the product rather than its packaging, I was able to change his impact as well as his sales figures It's not always that easy, but the point I'm making is that small tweaks can have big results

Then there will be the bigger changes By this I mean habits you've had from birth and possibly beyond These gestures, movements, and rituals will have been with you so long they'll feel like part of your personality, but they're not What they are is just behavior, remember?

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