I If you're a messy eater you could imply you're messy or clumsy in bed

I If you take a hands-on approach — like picking the food up or licking your fingers—you'll look like something of a sex maniac, someone who enjoys their sex but doesn't care much how they get it.

I If you burp or make noises you'll come across as the sort who farts in bed and thinks it's funny I If you eat quickly you'll register as an instant gratification type, someone who pounces but for whom it's all over in a flash I If you save the best bits to last, eating slowly and carefully, you'll come across as a delayed gratification type, someone who treats sex as a skill, with slow-build pleasure I If you eat food off your partner's plate you can either seem predatory and possessive or interested in your own needs in bed I If you make slurping noises you'll look like an uninhibited lover, but not necessarily in a good way I If you eat greedily your dinner partner might assume that sex is off the menu that night anyway. You're too busy filling up your stomach to compete in any sexual Olympics I If you're picky and leave lots of food you'll hint that you find sex distasteful and could be worried about messing up your hair I If you're analyzing the menu to check for allergies and organic provenance you'll seem like the type of person to demand a full medical certificate before you even kiss goodnight

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