Elevators matter

Every part of your workplace should be seen as a networking opportunity I don't mean you should be asking for a pay raise in the elevator, but you should be projecting yourself in a positive light at every location . I was recently working in a radio studio when a woman walked past, stomping along with an unsmiling facial expression "Imagine working with her!" a woman beside me said . Her companion nodded Both were series producers, and radio is a very small world You never know who you'll be impressing or not Err on the side of caution; after all, it costs nothing to smile Never be affected by the overall culture of your company . It matters not if no one else does smiling and greeting in the corridor, elevator, or office Do it and keep doing it In fact, it will work in your favor if the place is overall gloomy as it will make your relentless charm offensive even more noticeable I How not to leak: You will possibly find networking embarrassing at first After all, it might be groundbreaking work If so, avoid the pause The pause is that moment when you first see someone and you try to decide whether to greet them or not, or try to summon up the courage to do so Pauses don't work, though No one ever mustered courage by use of a pause Pauses only drain your resolve A pause is like an open door to your negative inner dialogues, or NIDs . You'll start making up reasons and excuses for not saying hello . Don't pause, just do it .

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