Entrances matter

Every entrance you make must be good In fact, better than good, it needs to be brilliant Unforgettable, for all the right reasons I want you to focus on projecting an aura of uniqueness Imagine you're the star walking out on stage, and then drop some of the signals of arrogance Here's how to do that: adjust to your Power Pose, pulling yourself up and ironing out your facial expression Apply a relaxed-looking smile This shouldn't include teeth baring, though Overly smiling can look aggressive if it's a stretched social smile, but smiling too much, even if there's an appropriate amount of teeth on display, can easily look low status and submissive Breathe out and walk into the office or room as though keen to meet the people in there You should always arrive in an aura of energy . Not panic or stress, just positive energy, so walk at a pace to imply enthusiasm Pause when you get inside the room and take everyone in with a sweep of your eyes . Greet anyone you walk past, even if they don't reply If you can learn their names for the greeting, use those, too . Don't talk on your out-breath as it will sound like a sigh Never moan about the weather or anything Never look as though you think you might be in the wrong room At a formal meeting greet people with enthusiasm, shaking them by the hand but using your extended hand as an announcement gesture as you approach them I Always dress well and look smart . I Wear something a little different. Charismatic people often sport signature garments, like Richard Branson's lack of a tie when all around are tie-wearers This shows individual thinking, a liking for change, and original ideas, but an intrinsic ability to make controversial decisions and stick to them

I Keep your desk tidy even if all around you sit in squalor. I Walk the job on a regular basis . Network your way through other departments Raise your profile throughout the entire company Press the flesh everywhere and introduce yourself wherever possible, rather than becoming departmentalized I Face people when you talk to them and use eye contact . Give everyone a few moments of undivided and undiluted attention I Never moan or use negative body language signals . I Avoid denial gestures as you speak, like dismissive shrugging, hand flapping, eye rolling, and mouth-shrugging I Avoid status-lowering signals like crouching, self-hugging, hand wringing, apologetic hand clasping, face touching, fiddling, or self-grooming

I Use positive, friendly tie-signs, like the odd touch, glance, mirrored gesture, or postural echo I Use space to manipulate. Proxemics is a powerful tool that you can use to leave a lasting impression Maintain a polite social space (three to four feet) at most times Isolate yourself when it counts An ability to sit alone hunkered down and deep in thought during moments of pressure on the entire group will make you appear strategic Then get closer (about two to three feet) either to create bonding and intimacy when someone has a problem or when you want to intimidate subtly (Sit on the arm of their chair or perch on their desk, but always stay in front of them, never lurk behind . Only pick on bigger or stronger colleagues in this way; you don't want to look like a bully )

I Never look desk-bound or nested. Charisma means projecting energy, not squatting at a desk staring at a screen Where possible turn your chair at an angle out toward the room so you can still project . Use your computer as little as possible . In image terms it's not a powertool; it's just a fancy typewriter I know many top entrepreneurs who have no idea at all how to use them and no desire to use them

I Ditto with boy-toys like the BlackBerry . I know it's a marvelous gadget and I know it costs a fair amount but the body language involved impresses no one Holding a small device in your palm and tapping at it with a dinky, dolly-size pen makes you look like a kid playing with a Xylophone or a waiter taking an order

I Never walk around the office empty-handed. Always have some papers tucked under your arm This makes you look busy and important I Get up to greet people who walk toward your desk . This allows you to perch rather than being pinned to your seat Never allow anyone to stand over you while you sit

I Never stand outside smoking. This looks tasteless beyond belief. Giving up shows resolve and self-control .

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