Face softening

When we see someone or something we like or love, two key things happen to our faces The first is that your features soften, which is why people who fall head-over-heels in love look soppy and there's no hiding their feelings for one another The second thing is that your pupils will dilate

Now, there's no way you can make your pupils dilate at will (apart from belladonna, a type of poison, which Victorian ladies used to use to make themselves more attractive), but you can learn to soften your facial features .

There's no point walking into a room full of people who you hope will like you while you sport a face that looks like it should be in Madame Tussauds .

To relax your face to create a confident but approachable expression you'll need to do what I call ironing out your features I Close your eyes for a second or two and imagine a nice lukewarm iron is running over your entire face, getting rid of all the knotted muscles and frown or stress lines I Work it around the eye area until all your facial muscles feel more relaxed.

I Then poke the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth to relax any tension in the jaw. I Then start to apply the smile (the next thing you're going to learn).

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