French kissing

What it is: It's pretty much the same as the regular kiss, except your tongue joins in, too

Why it's nice: It's a more intense form of kissing and therefore sexier because it mimics the actual act of sexual penetration By using your tongue you get many more sensations, too

How you do it: Go through all the steps in the regular kiss, but instead of breaking apart for small pauses, get even closer and more intense and gently poke your tongue into your partner's mouth. Like the exploratory smaller kiss this needs to be done subtly to start with if you want to be known for your good technique A large tongue suddenly appearing in your open mouth can be an alarming experience but a tongue that waits for the go-ahead is usually more than acceptable

Your tongue doesn't have a well-defined role once it is in the other mouth, so don't busy it licking around teeth or doing flicking things like a snake However, neither should it just lie there in the other person's mouth like a large slug taking a rest. Keep it moving in small, relaxed licking strokes . And remember the saliva rule—once you're welling up, it's time to break

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