It's bad to frown—right? Well, not always David Beckham has created a signature frown that adds to his image of a sporting hero and he uses it to great effect, even when he's towing Victoria around behind him on a night out David's frown is an absolute corker because he executes it with one eyebrow This look can make both men and women go weak at the knees as it intimidates his opponents and implies sexual dominance to women

A male frown can be a strong sexual turn-on then . Think alpha male and you'll probably be thinking frown . A little touch of anger can do wonders for a guy's image but sadly the same doesn't apply to women It's almost impossible to find one woman in the media who frowns at all as it flies in the face of the "bubbly" image that still appears to be "ideal . " Even female news presenters will either tend to be the bubbly sidekick to the frowning serious male or at the very most present a deadpan expression on screen If you want to see a saleable frown on a female celebrity you need to look at some moody rock stars or catwalk models who are trying to look aloof rather than approachable

One of the big problems with frowning is that—if you don't get it right—you can look angry or disapproving rather than focused and sexy

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