Genuine attraction signals how to give them and how to receive them

I'm often asked about the best way to attract a mate or flirt Sex sells, and so there's a whole raft of books on the subject; however, most of them tend to bark up the wrong tree Active flirt signals, the kind of stuff you'd need to read about before launching yourself onto an unsuspecting potential mate, do tend to be a little overly dramatic and often veer into what I can only describe as retro camp, with fluttering eyelashes, self-touch that would have your friends yelling at you to "get a room!" and hair flicking that would send most hair extensions flying off into space

Forget all the fifties movie star stuff, then, and concentrate on the subtleties of animal attraction. Most of your genuine signals of attraction will happen instinctively and you probably won't be aware of them; for instance see the following

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