Good and bad hand gestures

How do you define good and bad gestures? If I asked you to compile a list of each, how many do you think you'd manage? Probably a handful of bad ones and fewer good ones, as it's always easier to know what not to do with your bodytalk than it is to know what to do

But the truth is there are very few gestures that are genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, moustache-wearing, cheroot-chewing bad guys Many of the "bad" ones will really come under the "it depends how and when it's done" category, like folding your arms This gesture forms a barrier that can reveal anxiety or aggression So does that mean I ban it from your repertoire? Of course not I fold my arms a lot Part of my arm folding is prompted by a deep-seated shyness, but part of it is because I think it looks quite cool . Not all the time, not if someone's engaging me in conversation or offering me a job, but if I'm listening to someone else speak while I'm running a course I use the gesture to let them know they've got the floor . Done at the right time and in the right way, arm folding is perfectly acceptable

As is putting a hand in your pocket As long as you don't fiddle with change, or anything else! One hand in one pocket can look urbane and debonair as long as you strike the right pose to go with it

Nose picking could go on your "bad" list, though In fact, I think it would creep right across there without even being told to And if it did, I'm pretty sure smirking and knuckle cracking would join it hand in hand

Let's start with the good guys, though. These are the gestures that ride around on white stallions and call all women "ma'am " They rescue kittens from trees, and they never leave the toilet seat up

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