Greeting your own family

Even though it's good to mirror close friends and relatives, there's often a chicken-and-egg scenario when it comes to meeting and greeting your own loved ones Although it's always nice to be yourself, it's also probably better to get rid of that glum-looking screensaver face before you greet your loved ones It's easy to arrive at your parents' house and walk in moaning about the journey down It's also easy to forget they probably spent several hours—if not days—preparing for your visit . They then mirror your glum mood and it's downhill all the way from there

One friend told me her mother would always greet her in adulthood with the words "You don't look very happy!" My friend would then reply, "Neither do you!" and it was frosty faces from then on . Who was in the wrong? Like most family squabbles, the answer is probably no one . All it needed was for one person (my friend in this case) to bite the bullet and change a very small communication trait to break the negative pattern of behavior Next time she met her mother she smiled and looked pleased to see her Her mother responded and peace was restored

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