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The best way to deal with anxiety symptoms like these is to go to the source of the problem. Stress management techniques will help, but the optimum cure is to work on your inner confidence and your perceptions of external stimuli Very few scenarios that produce sweating or shaking are life-threatening, they just feel as if they are .

Remember that your body is only trying to be helpful; it's the messages from your brain to your body that are causing the problem I like to call this my "inner diva," a classic case of the drama queen who overreacts to any situation in a bid to get maximum attention

The problem with your inner diva is that once she's kicked off she's self-perpetuating. She starts all the sweating, trembling, and blotchiness in motion and then goes off on an even bigger hissy fit about the chaos she's caused to your body After a few minutes you're sweating about the sweating!

Here are some excellent techniques to shut the diva down

I Use mental affirmations . One that I teach in stress courses is: "It's not a lion. " It links to the thought that although your situation might be important, it's not a matter of life and death; you're not being pursued by a man-eating lion Make up your own affirmation and repeat it in your head as a mantra to create calm I Breathing exercises will help . Breathe in through your nose until your lungs are at full capacity, then breathe out slowly via your mouth, allowing your body to empty and relax as you do so I If your hands get sweaty, carry some freshen-up wipes to cool them before you go into a meeting.

I Never douse your hands or face with cold water in a bid to cool down The effects will only be transitory as your body will overheat as a result in a bid to balance the sudden temperature change I Try cosmetics for blushing or a nervous rash. The ones most commonly available are either a green-tinted moisturizer (both men and women can use this) or a green-tinted foundation or face powder . (Guys might decide to skip these two options ) They don't show as green on the skin, as the green tone just negates the redness of the face or neck I There are also several products available to remove sweat sheen from the face They're also sited on the cosmetic counters but are unisex They're either fluids or lotions that create a matte finish to the skin I Hopefully I don't need to advise the use of antiperspirant deodorants, but just in case there's someone who has slipped through the net... they will help prevent the curse of the sweat rings under the armpits

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