How to flirt

When your eyes connect, then you register the first stages of attraction Once you get into conversation, the eyes will still be the main affecters .

One of the best forms of flirting is to use active listening signals There's no huge sex display involved but it does begin the ritual of sealing you off from other people and creating a sense of being a couple

The techniques are easy as they're very similar to nonsexual listening signals, with one extra and very important point . Use eye-gaze as you listen and combine it with all the nodding and mirroring we've discussed in earlier chapters, but add one more dramatic eye gesture: once you've held the eye-gaze for a certain amount of time, allow your eyes to drop down to the speaker's lips for a second or two Soften your facial expression This will register genuine attraction and a desire to kiss

When you first pair off, your eye-gaze will be tentative . As you fall in love and lust it intensifies to the point where it almost looks obsessive You'll sit in pubs, clubs, and restaurants gazing into each other's eyes in an attempt to plumb the depths of his or her brain

As the relationship becomes stable your gaze will direct outward more, letting other people know you're an established couple and accepting visitors again You'll still eye check as you speak, though, often inviting your partner to join you in the conversation or checking his or her reactions constantly . This defines a state of couple dependency . It can be hugely annoying for friends, who wonder why the confident person they knew is suddenly having to refer back to their partner constantly with checking phrases like "We did, didn't we?"

Sadly, as a relationship goes long term, eye-gaze and face watching decreases, often to a point where it barely exists at all This is the point where you know your partner as well as you know yourself and so stop checking for changes This is also known as the point where you take him or her for granted It can often get to the stage where one may say to someone outside the relationship, "My partner doesn't understand me . "

Eye-gaze is vital for a healthy and happy long-term relationship It's a performed part of the workplace culture, so imagine the impact of being face watched at work, which is like a stroke to the ego, then not watched at home, which feels like being ignored

Watching and looking at your partner is also sexually stimulating for men and women You fell in love and lust with what you saw When you stop looking you stop doing foreplay .

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